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The power of My Generation

It’s always amusing to hear the older generations and political pundits criticize our generation, that we feel too entitled or we weren’t spanked enough or whatever the fuck old people complain about nowadays. For those of you who do not know, Generation Y or the millennial, is anyone who was born in the 80’s or early 90’s. Generally the most solid line rests between the inauguration of Reagan in 1981 and the fall of the Soviet union in 1992. It is the generation that is now either in college or recently graduated. We are the ones who played Mario and Sonic while watching Rocko’s Modern Life and Pete & Pete. We are the generation that started the internet boom with Youtube, Facebook and the likes.

We are sometimes called the worst generation. I don’t get why. If anything, this generation is by far the most powerful. Sure, we are a generation that feels entitled, that the world should be given to us. But we are also, a generation that had the idea of teamwork drilled into our heads. And as a result, our sense of entitlement is not selfish. We were told the world is our oyster. While the baby boomers said the world is mine, we said the world is ours. On top of that, we are tenacious. Mix that in with our technology and our ability to network, and you have raw power.

Why am I bringing this up? As you can tell, our generation is not in the best shape. We have a lot of debt both personally and, thanks to our IOU currency known as the National Debt, as a group. A lot of us are living with our parents. We are criminally unemployed. We have a failing economy while unrestrained, greedy corporations continue feeding at the trough with full support from the government.

However, the issue is one that is way more optimistic. We all know of the occupy movement, the Arab Spring, the riots in Europe. All of those were caused by the Y-gen. That is our movement.

Generation X? They were sold out by the rich. The Baby Boomers? They were the ones who voted for the neocon criminals in the 1980’s. The Y-gen? We made information accessible on the internet and in return, Democrats won the 2006 midterm elections. In 2008, we voted for Obama and shined the old voters. Then in 2010, our retraction allowed Republicans to take over and when we saw the consequences of that, we lit the fucking world on fire. We saw no future the way things were heading and we responded in force. The Tea Party, comprised primarily of the old was never this popular and is fading fast, literally dying out.

For Occupy, the cities and police have tried just about everything to stop this movement and if it were any earlier generation, they would have succeeded. But we have advantages. We are tenacious so that we resist any move from the opposition. We are better at teamwork and are more unified, so it’s impossible to target a leader. And if they manage to, we will easily find another. We are more tech savvy, so we can organize more efficiently and spread information faster than the opposition. We are well informed and rule the internet, so politicians can’t get away with lying to us or being hypocritical for very long. And most importantly, we have numbers. Big numbers. Larger than any other generation out there. That means that we are the generation to rule to world and make it a better place. Already, as our generation is allowed to vote, elections are now swayed by whether our generation votes or not. Corporations, conservatives, they hate that. Y-gen is more liberal than previous generations and that is what they feared.

It’s not that the corporations are afraid of losing, it’s that they have already lost.

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