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Racist Glenn Beck Drones Get Violent: Poisoning The Minds of Intellectually Vulnerable Americans

Racist Glenn Beck Poisoning Minds of Intellectually Vulnerable Americans

Racist Glenn Beck Poisoning Minds of Intellectually Vulnerable Americans

I have long claimed that what Glenn Beck does, amounts to treason, not because I disagree with his ratings-grabbing opinions, but rather he poisons the minds of millions of intellectually vulnerable people.

On his Monday radio show, Glenn Beck highlighted claims that before he started targeting a little-known, left-leaning organization called the Tides Foundation on his Fox News TV show, “nobody knew” what the non-profit was.  Read the full Media Matters column Beck’s incendiary angst is dangerously close to having a body count, here.

And that violent stupidity continued through this summer when a dedicated Glenn Beck fan from southern California by the name of Byron Williams strapped on his body armor, loaded up his mother’s pick-up truck with ammo and set off on the highway for San Francisco in hopes of killing liberals in order to ignite a political revolution. Read Glenn Beck’s Audience Already Has Done “Something Stupid

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just about violence.  What if I told you there are clusters of these people who circle up to test out various defenses for Glenn Beck’s latest rating-calculted pronouncment.

For example: Here is a Facebook discussion called “IS THE FORCLOSURE FREEZE THE NEXT STEP?” in which Beckians are testing out arguments for why the freezing foreclosures are part of the liberal conspiracy to take over the country.

This involves ideas such as Wall Street Bankers are liberals and that they are in collusion with the the Feds to take over “everything,” whatever that means.

Tex Cruikshank

We have touched on. It will only grow!

This could be the final straw.

…If they went to Iowa and attacked corn, Iowans would fight back. Go to the Gulf Coast and ban drilling and they will raise a ruckus! Go to NY and attack the engine of their economy. Nary a sound. They are all progressives. The people and the banker!! It’s weird. The BIG NY banks will be bailed out(to big to fail). It’s the smaller community banks serving main street that will be wiped out. The NY bankers might end up taking over everything with the Fed. Their the other footsoldiers!

In so many ways, Progressives have already won. We are already too connected to the New World Order. I hate it!!

I’ve been paying attention. You are right that so many of these Wall Street firms are actually being run by LIBERALS. It became obvious when so many of them came out in support of the stimulus package. It wasn’t that they had the opinion that we NEEDED the stimulous, but how they went about supporting this Administration.

Here’s a fun scientific experiment. Go there and make case against something Beck has said. If they attack you personally, this is evidence of tribalism. Interestingly, they rarely defend Glenn Beck at all, but instead, defend themselves as if defending faith.



Love Him or Hate Him, Glenn Beck is the Most Powerful Man in the USA.

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Whether you love Glenn Beck or hate him there is no denying he has become the most powerful man in America. Glenn Beck has achieved what few ever do and that is to become the leader of a movement. A feat even politicians rarely achieve. What makes Glenn Beck so powerful is he has not just become a soundboard for conservatism but has activated one the most difficult constituencies to motivate and that is average Americans who mainly just live their lives working, and raising families.

The White House have obviously become distressed over the emergence of Glenn Beck, particularly over the President’s czars. Obama tried to do an end run over the Constitution by appointing special advisers that do not require Senate Approval. These advisers have received unprecedented power that is usually reserved for cabinet members. This has allowed Obama to bring the most extreme elements of our society into the White House unnoticed. How wrong they were. They did not realize Glenn Beck was waiting in the wings and, along with bloggers, do the vetting process that the administration, congress and even the “main-stream media” have refused to do.

We have already seen one czar, Van Jones, who was forced to resign after it was discovered he signed a petition in a “911 Truther” website, and other czars are now under intense pressure. Instead of sliding through unnoticed they have become the proverbial sore thumb. So much so that they are attempting to marginalize Fox News and Glenn Beck using the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” play book. The problem is liberal tactics have now become predictable because as George C Scott said in the movie Patton “Rommel you magnificent bastard, I read your book”.

No matter how hard they try to kick Fox News they are only kicking it upstairs, since the attacks on Fox News have only increased Fox’s and Beck’s ratings. The group co-founded by Van Jones ColorOfChange thought they had hit a home-run against Beck by getting some sponsors to stop advertising on his show but instead Beck is now the hottest thing on cable and ColorOfChange lost their guy in the White House. Something Mao admirer Anita Dunn should take note of. Memo to ColorOfChange, remember ACORN.

The administration is trying to make the case that this is all being orchestrated by the Republican Party and Fox News is doing their bidding. Frankly, I wouldn’t give the GOP that much credit.

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The Literal Trash of September 12th, 2009. Must See~

The Literal Trash of September 12th, 2009

After using Publicly Funded Transportation and Publicly Funded Roads to get to the Publicly Funded sidewalks to walk to the Publicly Funded Parks, at the end of their protest, what did these haters of Government Interference do ?


Amateurs! Anyone who owns their civic responsibility, cleans up after themselves. These people are obviously the entitled type.

Lots more here.

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The Unequivocal Hypocrisy of Republicans Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich

Hardball:Fox suffers from Beck backlash

Newt Gingrich was pushing Death Panels until this month. Glenn Beck HATED the American Health Care System until this month.

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Beck vs Huntsman: But what do I know?

beckGlenn Beck was in Utah this weekend raising money for a private liberal arts college in Southern Utah, supplying me with a whole new set of idiotic quotes with which to write this Sunday morning post.

Beck says Huntsman is right for the ambassadorship to China, but could be the death of the Republican party. And he adds that he doesn’t really know much about Huntsman (but why let that get in the way of his mindless prattle?), but he’s “been to Utah enough to know that he’s not the conservative that I like, but I’m not a resident of Utah, what do I know.”

One wonders, does the guy ever actually think? And what kind of college would . . . oh never mind, I know the answer to that one (somewhat ironically, the college has posted an article entitled The Era of Liberals and Conservatives is Over). And the big question: To be a popular and successful among Republicans, do you simply have to spout ultra-right wing convictions with no substance whatsoever?

Here’s the KUTV report:

He says if, as some suggest, that Huntsman is the future of the GOP, then the party has problems, “my apologies to senior (Governor’s father), but if that’s (Governor Huntsman) the future of the Republican Party then the Republican Party is over,” said Beck.

Beck made the comments at a $500 a plate fund raiser for small, conservative college George Wythe University in Cedar City.

Beck said that the Republican party needs leadership, and he defines Huntsman as too moderate. “The Republican Party needs to stand for something and not “democrat lite” not “progressive lite,” said Beck

The conservative talk show host did say that the governor, who was recently appointed by President Obama as ambassador to China, is uniquely qualified to be America’s top diplomat in the Communist country, “(Huntsman’s) a guy who understands China, who has a long family history with China who speaks the language, which can be subtle at times, he’s the right guy,” says Beck.

Despite those positive comments, Beck says the popular Huntsman is not his political cup of tea, “I don’t know a lot about Huntsman I’ve just been to Utah enough to know that he’s not the conservative that I like, but I’m not a resident of Utah, what do I know.”

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Glenn Beck Special. Don’t Miss It.

At some point you have to stop blaming Beck and start blaming the people who believe him and like him.And yet these are the repercussions?


Glenn Beck Tea Party in America

And this is the real America.  I know. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania.  The part that voted for Bush twice and McCain Palin.

This is the enemy in the Culture War brought to you in a series of dispensations from Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay to Rove and Bush and whats left of the Republican Party.

Listen to the whole thing. This is also the core of the gun lobby.

See video of tea parties around the country here.

Of the Tea Parties, Paul Krugman wrote…

Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. And it doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people. Better, perhaps, to focus on the real policy debates, which are all among Democrats.

But here’s the thing: the G.O.P. looked as crazy 10 or 15 years ago as it does now. That didn’t stop Republicans from taking control of both Congress and the White House. And they could return to power if the Democrats stumble. So it behooves us to look closely at the state of what is, after all, one of our nation’s two great political parties.

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This Guy for Domestic & Foriegn Policy Advisor

Glenn Beck has an amazingly clear perspective on our role in the world and he is a strategy genius. The other guy Kilmead is even smarter. I think we should listen to them objectively and THEN PUT THEM IN JAIL!

Glenn Beck’s argument for legalization however, is a good one.


One of the Greatest American Traitors is a Mormon

This pitiful scum sucking pig needs to be hung by the neck.

His crying on demand technique sucks too!


Obama Uber Alles?

I can’t think of a good title for this post that doesn’t include profane references to body parts. Please submit your ideas below.

Update: The winning entry submitted by Richard Warnick.

h/t MediaMatters

Summary: On Glenn Beck, Ben Stein, while discussing Sen. Barack Obama’s plan to deliver his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination at Denver’s Invesco Field, stated that he did not “like the idea of Senator Obama giving his acceptance speech in front of 75,000 wildly cheering people.” Stein further stated: “Seventy-five-thousand people at an outdoor sports palace, well, that’s something the Fuehrer would have done.”

These Beck and Stein are pitiful people who contribute nothing to the world. The fact that CNN is paying Glen Beck is proof our big media is merely junk capitalism, unaccountable to virtually any of the principles of journalism.

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