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Can The NRA/Gun Lobby Bribe Google?

I say bribe, because Google represents that all paid rankings are disclosed. But what about de-rankings?

OneUtah has been de-ranked by Google.

On April 15, I posted “Guns Advocates Lie While People Die” after I heard Alan Korwin on C-Span claim “hundreds of thousands of lives are saved each year.”

On April 18th, I commented:

Its the power of the permanent record. You see, already, if you Google “Alan Korwin” OneUtah comes up #2 on page two. By tomorrow, it will be on the main page, so people can see that:

…it was. No surprise. Google is the only SE I write a map for. I do no other search engine optimization.

The next morning, I sat down to blog about this little-appreciated sign that the “promise of The Internet”, as the great leveler, that it might foster a new kind of transparency with all manner of implications for truth, meritocracy, and democracy…a place so bare and open, you could SMELL integrity.

It was GONE! I searched the first ten Google pages over and over. OneUtah had been purged by Google AGAIN (see Firmage Impeachment papers)

I then checked Yahoo and MSN searchs, and OneUtah still ranks about the same as today.

Frankly, it freaked me out. I can see the NSA — this one anyway — getting Google to de-rank OneUtah for publishing the Nixon Impeachment Papers…but the GUN LOBBY?

Today a Google search for “alan korwin” returns OneUtah on page 7.

Today is the first time I’ve found is within the first ten pages since it was on page 1 on April 18. I refuse to search deeper.

Yahoo search on “alan korwin” (page 2, rank 4)

MSN Search for “alan korwin” (page 5)

Search for “alan korwin” on Dog (page 1)

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