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Its Confirmed. The Republican Party (GOP) is Racist or Infested With Racists or Something

I think at this point, its pretty clear that racism is rampant in the GOP.  And I think it always was.  It just took a Black man becoming president to bring it back to the surface.


According to Michael Steel, former RNC chair, the Southern Strategy is alive and well.

I’m building a YouTube playlist for your convenience.

Click here for more GOP racial slurs.

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Republicans: The Lost Party (political)

I especially like the part where Romney claims that the Republicans are the party of the revolutionaries and Democrats are the “party of the Monarchists” the ultimate irony being that both he a Jeb Bush are heirs to their Fathers’ political fortunes and influence.

Hath Mitt NO SHAME?

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Link – As the party comes to grips with its status as a regional political force that cannot hold historically Republican districts in New York, cannot keep a five-term senator from Pennsylvania in the caucus, and cannot appear to stem the popularity of a Democratic president who has made inroads in the West, throughout the Midwest, and even in pockets of the South.

Jon Stewart had a segment last night entitled “Republicans: The Lost Party” and stories like this one only serve to feed that narrative as the party feeds on itself. In Illinois, we have seen the circular firing squad that is the state GOP keep the party down for most of this century — the state chair is inevitably the subject of scathing criticism from within, and finger-pointing is the rule rather than the exception. The same dynamics now appear to be at work in the RNC.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

Maybe the circular firing squad IS the best strategy.

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The Wolf at the Door

wolfAs the world continues to sink into economic quicksand, some of us thank our lucky stars that (so far) our own immediate world has not been terribly impacted. Yes, we’ve lost some of our savings and retirements, but we still have jobs and a certain amount of security. We’ll just put off retirement until a little later, economize here and there, and keep our eyes and ears open to new developments.

Still there is a sense of danger, of foreboding, that something very bad could happen any day, any time.

This morning my son who works in IT for the State of Kansas told me that Kansas has suspended paying any state income tax refunds and may not pay its state workers this Friday. Kansas is facing the same budget crisis seen in states all across the country. Even Republican governors anxiously await the signing of Obama’s economic recovery bill which will pump some money into state projects and help shore up their

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