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Where has justice gone and what can we do to retrieve it?

Utah’s 2011 State Legislature comes to a close last night.   As I was tethered to many of the pieces of immigration legislation I eventually averted my eyes to other proposed bills that are not in the best interest of the common good of Utah’s society.  We are wading in the waters of murky legislation… some pending Governor Herbert’s signature and others like HB 477 signed with little regret by Governor Herbert.   HB 477 seeks to limit Utah’s Open Records Law and deny access to Utah public records.  Contrary to his comments in the Tribune his veto could’ve prevented HB 477 from becoming law as he needed 50 votes to override his Veto and this tyrannical bill only got 42.    Thanks to all of you who made your voice be heard.  The Governor made a choice and it was to NOT LISTEN to the will of the people.

 Nothing this session has been spared by our political demagogues not immigration, GRAMA requests…not even the wild kitties.

 Over a thousand pieces of legislation were considered by the elected members of the Utah House and Senate and many pieces of legislation considered simply appealed to the prejudices, emotions and fears of a select portion of the populous.  We should ask ourselves if this is a responsible way to issue policy.  Is it really a mark of a good politician to rise to power through appeals to the ethnic and nationalistic prejudices and vanities of people?  

It is simply more productive for our society to consider and implement policy that is in the public’s best interest and entirely void of fear based needling.  Having an ethical and transparent government is certainly in the public’s best interest and HB 477 seeks to annihilate that piece of morality that benefits Utah’s citizens.  Society works BEST, when we consider and implement policies that is in the interest of ALL.   

 Genuine and sustainable leadership has been absent in this struggle and our country and state has increasingly witnessed a pendulum type swing from democracy into corporatocracy where policy implemented benefits a select few and HB477 only serves but a select few.  This is easily demonstrated as our Governor has decided to keep prying eyes away from what we all call a HONEST DEMOCRACY.  We found out last year thanks to our open records law which companies our Governor chose to give lucrative state contracts to. Which also lets the public review who the major contributors are, to our Governor and our State Legislators.  By the Governor Herbert signing this bill WE can ALL see who benefits from HB-477.

 I challenge each of you to amplify your voices and walk courageously into the light and demand a return to democracy.  I challenge each of you to create awareness of Utah’s weakening democracy.  I also challenge each of you to become delegates and encourage others to become delegates and expedite the return of OUR democracy.  Lastly, I challenge each of you to not only vote but to embolden others to do the same. 

Working together we can prevent further ATTACKS to our Democracy, like HB 477 from ever being conceived.  It’s time to return to the people’s democracy! Please encourage Governor Herbert to Repeal HB 477.

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