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Ah yes, the Mary Be James Crossdressing Games

Grinnell College gets a reference in NY Times today:

School traditions might also indicate where you belong. Take Colgate University and Grinnell College, two rural liberal arts colleges on pretty campuses that accept students with similar SAT scores and grades. Colgate students begin and end their college careers with a torchlight procession to a bonfire where they sing the school song. A big tradition at Grinnell is the annual Mary B. James cross-dressing ball. It should be no surprise that Colgate is beloved by preppy scholar-athletes while Grinnell is a haven for hipsters who discuss Derrida into the wee hours.

My impression of Grinnell students is that we are way more hippie than hipster, but okay.

On a related, albeit tangential topic, Grinnell alums recently started a facebook group that has been fascinating for the glimpses it provided into life now of Grinnell alums and life then. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fox News’ Hysterical Hysteria Over Grinnell College Dorms

There’s many, many things wrong with the Fox & Friends commentary, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

  1. When I was at Grinnell, lo many years ago, the dorms were mostly co-ed by room and most floors had either coed bathrooms or dial-a-john.  The bathrooms in all the dorms were set up in such a way that you could undress, shower and redress in privacy in a stall, then step into the shower.  These aren’t the huge group showers of high school locker rooms.  They afforded significantly more privacy than most locker rooms at most gyms.  Read the rest of this entry »


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