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Using guns for their intended purpose: Shooting people

Seems we had a little wild wild west shootout at the OK Corral right here in SLC last evening. I apologize for being glib, this story is definitely not funny.

A couple of Neighborhood Watch guys were driving around looking for possible perps responsible for vandalism in the area. Upon questioning a group of roaming girls, one of the girls took offense, and returned home where dad and daughter headed out again, both of them armed, to find the Neighborhood Watch guys.

The KSL story tells us the dad shot the Neighborhood Watch guy leaving him in critical condition and fighting for his life. The shooter claims his victim had pulled a gun on him.

I guess the most troubling thing about this story is that people who are described by their neighbors as normally peacable would consider the need not only to carry the gun, but to draw it and actually use it to solve a situation in which clearly no law had been broken and no-one’s life was threatened..

Yes, this is progress for civilization. People taking the law into their own hands, tracking down and shooting people they deem to be guilty of . . . something. Wouldn’t you say what this country needs is even more guns in the hands of gun nuts like this?

By the way, as of this posting, there were over 500 comments on the KSL article. As curious as I was to see how the comments were trending, I resisted reading them, but perhaps some of our readers can summarize for us.



OneUtah Purchases “Top Spot” on Major Blog

As a gesture of thanks to JD Berger for his dedication to the National Conversation and commitment to getting as many guns out there as possible, I have purchased, on behalf OneUtah’s great authors, “Top Spot” on JD Berger’s “The Real Gun Guys.”

For $5 bucks, even if he breaks the agreement (*and keeps my money) it will have been worth every second of glory.

OneUtah Purchased Top Spot on Real Gun Guys

My favorite comment from this fine blog:

It’s pretty clear that Cliff is just an attention whore, standing on the corner with an incomprehensible sign screaming at traffic.

His pathetic attempt at witty reparte, stereotypes and veiled threats of violence prove that he couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag.

Fortunately, he’s been exposed as the effete fraud that he really is.

Comment by jdberger — April 19, 2008 #


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