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Gun Permits: What The Latest Mass Killings Have In Common

Jiverly Wong's gun permitH/t Mikeb302000 who tackles the gun issue everyday.

In summary, if you want to do a mass killing, you can easily obtain the fire power to do some serious damage.

From: Gun Permits: What The Latest Mass Killings Have In Common

They had more in common than unleashing carnage _ nearly every gunman in this monthlong series of mass killings was legally entitled to fire his weapons.

So what does that say about the state of gun control laws in this country? One thing appears certain: the regulations aren’t getting stricter. Many recent efforts to change weapons laws have been about easing them.

Despite eight rampages that have claimed 57 lives since March 10, “it hasn’t sparked any national goal to deal with this epidemic. In fact, it’s going the other way,” said Scott Vogel of the Freedom States Alliance, a gun control activist group.

The mere fact that this is being written in America about America in the year 2009, speaks to the filthy, ugly, bare white-butt rear end of this Country. The Love Canal of our national culture.

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