Hate Mail From The Losing Side

Per our 3000th post, someone said, “Congratulations on this milestone for what I consider Utah’s edgiest blog.” Pondering that concept, anyone who knows the progressive blogosherewould also know that we are still in Utah. And I have to admit, that even I still hold back. It is still Utah. Sometimes I morn for the hardcore East Coast boy who spent his first six months in Utah (Dec.1992) with his jaw on the floor as he waded into what I describe as the countries greatest cultural enigma in America.

My first revelatory adjective was ‘non-confrontational’. This is our mud. Back east, when you have a problem with someone the first thing you do is confront them. In Utah its not even the last thing you do.

In Utah, confrontation is impermissible.

SO yeah. For Utah, OneUtah is unique because there is sometimes confrontation. I take a lot of heat for that. So this makes me feel better.

markos_armyMarkos Moulitsas pictured to the right, got this hate mail this week.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I appreciate your numerous references to the fox news channel and it’s broadcasts stars, Bill O. and Glenn B. and others. It does my heart good to see you fools spend so much time and effort on these true patriots. Your message is truly sick and diseased with paranoia and jealousy.Your site has no message except of hate. You are disgusting. Here is an idea. Why don’t you and your comrades join the U.S. Military, perhaps then you might start to understand what patriotism is. Oh, wait, thats right the Military is for patriots. Forget it.

Keep up the good fight! YOU WILL LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s someone who 1) doesn’t know I did join the military, unlike his true patriots Bill O and Glenn B, and 2) doesn’t know that we already won, last November. Who wants to break the news to him?

Bill Moyersfeatured President Lincoln last night. I had a revelation. Of the uncanny parallels between Presidents Obama and Lincoln, starkest is that they both faced a sharply divided country.

Then, it was Slavery and North and South. Today’s divide is as ugly but different, it is a cultural struggle between enlightment and progressive politics and an entrenched cultural deseasethat celebrates ignorance and that is imbued with the same moral hypocrisy of antebellum South.

I came to fully appreciate the idea that Obama is Lincoln’s clean-up batter for the Emancipation Double Header.

And this made me weep with joy. Visualize it!

BILL MOYERS: What do you think is his relevance today?

HAROLD HOLZER: The immediate relevance is that he is considered a hero and an inspiration to the sitting president of the United States. And it’s not just that he’s– that Lincoln is an inspiration to Barack Obama. It’s that Barack Obama is, in a way, brings is nearer to the completion of the unfinished work that Lincoln spoke about at Gettysburg.

His election is a validation of that dream, even if it took 150 years to get to this point. And I find the idea that two little girls, Sasha and Malia Obama, who are the descendents, through their mother’s side, of enslaved people, might this very evening be playing in the Lincoln bedroom, which was Lincoln’s office, and the room where he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. That is the apex of the arc of history since the Civil War, it seems to me, as simple as it is.

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