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Pretty GOP Hobbits Fantasized About Israel Bombing Iran After Israel Bombed Iran.

On November 12, 2011, Israel’s Mossad bombed an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps missile site which killed among others, Maj. Gen. Hassan Moghaddam, chief architect of Iran’s ballistic missile program.

On November 22, a gaggle of pretty Hobbits put on make-up and played ‘pretend president time.’  They filled a big room with as many greasy Bubba Hobbits as they could find. Then they and huffed and they puffed and pounded their chests and the Bubba Hobbits clapped and cheered.  It was a glorious time and laughter rang throughout Middle Earth.

When the subject of the evil kingdom of Iran came up, the pretty Hobbits grew serious and the Bubba Hobbits got scared.  Each of the pretty Hobbits  attempted to out-boast the other about how tough they are and the Bubba Hobbits clapped with joy.

One by one, the pretty Hobbits contemplated the idea of supporting the Israelis should they decide to bomb Iran.  None of them seemed to know that Israel had been bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities and killing their nuclear scientists, most recently, the week before.  Even Fox News had pictures.

This is the picture of the missile site, close to Tehran before the explosion on November 12, 2011.


Iranian authorities will not admit this was an air strike but responded by launching missile from Lebanon into Israel.

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