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A stack of paper: Further Reflections on being the healthy sibling

It’s one of my earliest memories.

When my brother was three or four years old, he was in the hospital with double pneumonia and an asthma attack.  One night, my parents came from the hospital, woke me up and drove me and my sister to the hospital.  I remember the night being very quiet, strangely peaceful, even beautiful – I liked being out at night when no one else was – I enjoyed the ride to the hospital.  I was warned that I wasn’t to make noise or make a fuss because visiting hours were over and I wasn’t even supposed to be near my brother; they snuck me in and my father carried my brother – in yellow pajamas – into the elevator where I was waiting.  He waved, I said hello, then my father carried him back to his room.

I don’t recall how we got home – I suspect I fell asleep in the car and was carried into the house.

It was years later that I was told the truth. Read the rest of this entry »

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