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Hillary Recounts Her True Character

What has turned out to be a recount fiasco could have turned out very well for Hillary and showed us we were all wrong about her.
She could have taken the high road and simply made a statement that the election is over and neither her nor the Democratic Party will take part in any recount nor accept results of any recount. This would have been consistent with her statements in condemning Trump for stating he may not accept the results of the election.
But that did not happen.
True to form she became what she condemned and became the sore loser and danger to democracy that she accused Trump of being.
She showed the world her true character and validated America’s decision to want nothing to do with her.

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Prayer for a Deadlocked Convention

A thrilling aspect of this election cycle is that practically every day I get email from either Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Never before have I had this sort of intimacy with an American President and an international celebrity.

Just this afternoon Bill took time out from the campaign to send me the following note:

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