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2010, a Banner Year for Global Warming Predictions

While doing a Google search for global warming 2010 it is interesting to note that by 2010 many of the predicted doomsday scenarios were to have played out. We are now in 2010 and none of the dire predictions have yet to materialize.

A funny thing happened however. Nature did not cooperate with the scientific consensus and the computer models. Just goes to show you cannot fool mother nature.

Global warming expected to snowball after 2010

Fri, Aug 10, 2007


A report published in the Science journal yesterday by leading climate scientists outlines the most detailed model to date predicting the climate over the next ten years – and it’s not looking good.

2010 may be hottest year ever
PTI 12 December 2009, 12:25am IST

LONDON: 2010 is likely to be the world’s warmest year on record, the British Met Office has predicted.

According to the Met Office, man-made climate change will be a factor and natural weather patterns would contribute less to 2010’s temperature than they did in 1998, the current warmest year in the 160-year record

We will hold them to this.

Global warming ‘is three times faster than worst predictions’

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Global warming is accelerating three times more quickly than feared, a series of startling, authoritative studies has revealed.

They have found that emissions of carbon dioxide have been rising at thrice the rate in the 1990s. The Arctic ice cap is melting three times as fast – and the seas are rising twice as rapidly – as had been predicted.

Another prediction that has not panned out.

Global Warming to Cause 50 Million Refugees by 2010
Friday November 4, 2005

“Scholars are predicting that 50 million people worldwide will be displaced by 2010 because of rising sea levels, desertification, dried up aquifers, weather-induced flooding and other serious environmental changes brought on by global warming and the resulting climate changes.” writes Larry West,’s Guide to Environmental Issues.

So where are all these 50 million environmental refugees? Did the rapture happen and no one told us?

Climate Shift Tied To 150,000 Fatalities

Earth’s warming climate is estimated to contribute to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses each year, according to the World Health Organization, a toll that could double by 2030.

in 2009 The number claimed shot up to 300,000

Global Warming is already responsible for 300,000 deaths a year and is affecting 300m people, according to the first comprehensive study of the human impact of global warming.

It projects that increasingly severe heatwaves, floods, storms and forest fires will be responsible for as many as 500,000 deaths a year by 2030, making it the greatest humanitarian challenge the world faces.

Wow! it only took a few years for the numbers to double not all the way to 2030. At this rate half the world population will be wiped out by 2030.

Whew talk about inflation. I guess in 2010 we can expect at least a half a million but since numbers are being arbitrarily thrown around why not say 10 million or even better 100 million?

Predictions of global warming have never panned out but the warmers with their religious zeal keep trumpeting it. It was convenient to make predictions back in the 90s and early two thousands because it was far enough away but we are now well within the period that temperatures where supposed to be through the roof and small Island nations should have already been flooded out well on their way to being swallowed up by the sea.

The famous hockey-stick and Nasa’s James Hanson’s graph’s had steady increases from 1998 on but we have seen a cooling trend since then, the exact opposite of what the warmer scientists and computer models predicted.

James Hansen Graph vs Reality

A new study that has recently been published also contradicts the assumption that atmospheric C02 has risen steadily, but in fact the study shows that it has remained consistent since for 160 years even though humans have steadily increased carbon output.

People are becoming increasingly skeptical of global warming because they have heard all these dire warnings and have taken note that everything predicted is simply not happening. The warmers keep having to move their predictions further out when their earlier predictions fail to materialize. How often must they be proven wrong for the hard core warmers to start questioning the entire concept of global warming?

The warmers know they are losing the PR battle. The first sign was when they were forced to change the terminology used from global warming to climate change. No one has to change the terminology when they are winning the argument. The problem is the public was sold on warming and now that it has not materialized the proponents had to come up with new euphemisms as a desperate attempt to keep their cause alive. It won’t work.

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