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Semantics is Cold Comfort

Jon Stewart comments on the right war against marriage* and makes the basic points to a man who clearly isn’t all that bright….

Gay Marriage and Jon Stewart

For bonus points listen for the part about half way through where Mike points out that “religious people don’t have the right to burn people at the stake.” That there is some tough love, Christian style. I had no idea that gay marriage and burning people at the stake were comparable. Finally we know what the religious right REALLY wants to do. Mike has opened my mind to the true loving path Jesus.

Praise the lord and pass the torches. Time to burn some crosses…. preferably with people on them.

*Look, if they can have a “war on christmas” because a few people also say happy holidays and a “blue skies” initiative that pollutes the air and a “no child left behind” that actually leaves all children behind, i can damn well call their war against marriage an actual war against marriage!

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