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A Bad Man or a Man Who Did Bad Things?

Hugo Schwyzer has found himself at the center of another internet controversy.  This time, an interview of him appeared on Feministe.  It and he were promptly blasted, the usual charges were brought against him and the expected fracas ensued.  To give you an idea of how far it’s spread, even PZ Myer has weighed in.  At Feministe, the authors posted am apology and re-opened discussion; it’s at almost 700 comments as I post this morning.

At issue is the usual charge against Hugo – he slept with his students.  In the eyes of some of some of his critics that actions makes him a sexual predator.  At a minimum, it’s ethically unacceptable for a professor to sleep with his/her students while they are their students (it’s not a problem if it’s an ex-student or a student at the same institution so long as the individuals are not in the same department and classes).  There is also “spermgate”  – Hugo and a woman had been sleeping together but she was also dating someone else; she got pregnant and since Hugo wasn’t father material at the time, told the other man the baby was his.  It may well have been Hugo’s baby and they’ve never told the man raising the baby it may be Hugo’s baby, not his.

There is a new charge against him.  At the nadir of his addiction, he tried to kill himself and an ex-girlfriend (he turned on the gas in the apartment and closed the doors and windows).  Though he doesn’t remember it, he apparently called another friend who alerted the police who arrived before anything permanent happened.

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