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A Case for The Elimination of Food Stamps. Charities Can Feed The Poor Without Government Help.

Children are starving in the U.S.As funny as it is informative.

Forbes Magazine guy makes the case that charities can feed the poor without gov’t help.

This is just another Christian – Tea Party – Libertarian meme of course.

But I’ve never heard it expresses with such certainty and seriousness. Forbes has finally jumped the shark with this clown.




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Crisis in Zimbabwe, Mugabe must go

mugabeAs if things weren’t bad enough here, we need to somehow find a way to give attention and help to a terrible human tragedy in progress in Zimbabwe. Even Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu have suggested that a military intervention may ultimately be required.

The situation in Zimbabwe has been desperate for years. And leaders of western nations are insisting the corrupt dictator Mugabe must step down. But he refuses to do so. Once considered a hero in southern Africa, he seems to enjoy enough popularity still that other African countries will not bring the pressure needed to remove him. The litany of problems in the country are hard to even imagine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hunger in Utah

Today’s Tribune has an article: More low-income Utahns go hungry

Do you ever feel hunger? Have you ever been hungry because you couldn’t afford to buy food? As a parent, have you ever been unable to provide food for your child?

As my astute friend was pointing out to me last night, the rising unemployment in our country means more and more people will find themselves homeless and frequently hungry. The safety nets we’ve created (soup kitchens, food banks, church welfare) will be unable to meet the demands — they are already finding that to be the case.

So many Americans literally live from paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet, using credit too much, saving nothing. Even a short interruption of income can mean the difference between eating or not, paying utilities or not, or even having a place to live. I saw on the news that half a million people were added to the unemployment rolls just last month. It is looking grim for any help for the auto industry, and regardless of how you feel about that, many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people are likely to lose their jobs.

The challenge of simply housing and feeding those in need through the recession will certainly necessitate more help from all of us who have the ability to give. But equally important is finding ways of putting people back to work. I know I sound like a broken record on this, but a main key to bringing our economy back to life is jobs. And that may mean Roosevelt-style public works jobs. So be it. We can’t allow people to starve.

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