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All of you Net Neutrality people need a little education on how the Internet works.

The Internet is not like the public highway system where anyone who wants to ride the Freeway can regardless of whether you drive a beater or a Lamborghini. The Internet is a patchwork of thousands of private networks. Some networks owned by the big players are called backbone networks and they handle a lot of the traffic but they only take the traffic so far.

Go to your command prompt or terminal and type in traceroute followed by a url. You will see how many networks and nodes it took to get to your
destination. I did >traceroute I got 10 different networks that were traversed before it got to

When you make a request to a server the request and the result of that request can traverse many networks to get to the server that hosts the information. These networks have cooperative agreements with other networks to allow traffic to go through them in return they get reciprocated with their traffic. When one network gets overloaded they cut off through traffic and the packets get rerouted someplace else that can handle the traffic. Sometimes there is no other option so the network has to throttle some traffic to handle the load. This is going to jeopardize this cooperation since they will want to protect their own traffic. The Internet cannot work without Inter network cooperation. If all networks circle the wagons nothing will get in or out and we will be left with thousands of private networks that can only talk to itself.

Why net neutrality will hurt and slow everyone down is because Networks will not be able to manage their networks based on the priority of the traffic so the result will be more traffic on their systems which means they will have to throttle Everyone to handle it. The result is it will take longer to receive packets and with streaming services such as Netflix it means you will see more of the dreaded buffering especially at night when most people want to watch Netflix.

What is interesting too is everyone is so concerned about net neutrality mainly because of Netflix but the funny thing is that Netflix uses a protocol that is low priority. The highest priority is TCP which requires every packet send back an acknowledgement that it was received or it sends it again. This makes no sense with streaming because if a packet doesn’t make it it is too late. Plus the protocol does not require every packet to be received to run the program. If anything you may lose a pixel of two. Netflix uses a protocol that has a “Best effort” protocol which is lower priority. So net neutrality will actually have no net benefit at all in streaming.

There are certain protocols used by the Internet to set priority for traffic. There is QoS (Quality of Service) and COS (Class of Service). These are part of the network protocols are are essential to operate the Internet smoothly and not bog it down. These prioritize traffic based on the nature or importance of the traffic. Net Neutrality is a small part of this and actually has little effect on the Internet and will not change QoS or Cos which means in reality Net Neutrality is mainly a marketing term. Sad something so insignificant has now resulted in the government taking over the Internet.

Obama was all gung-ho and used the full force of his administration to get ISPs to police copyrights but had no interest at all in doing the same thing to get ISPs to voluntarily adopt net neutrality. Rather he went the government takeover route. Hmmm wonder why?

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The Day The Internet Died


Only a short time ago the thought of a government takeover of the Internet would have caused a massive movement against it from the Internet and tech communities. The Internet and tech communities that defeated SOPA, and PIPA have been lulled to sleep and in many cases welcome the takeover with thunderous applause.

The FCC is doing this all in secret with no public input. Just like Obamacare, we won’t know what is in it until they pass it and by then it will be far too late.

Net Neutrality is the Trojan Horse the Obama Administration is using to take control of the Internet. The FCC is about to vote to make the Internet subject to Title II under the Telecommunications Act. An act that is 80 years old and is ill equipped to address issues of Today’s Internet but gives the FCC far sweeping power to regulate without Congressional oversight or public accountability. What Title II does is allow Monopolies to exist but regulates them in return. Regulations that will bar any new comers from popping up and keep the existing players as the only players for decades to come. The FCC by law is an independent agency and does not have to answer to the Congress or the White House for their actions.

Like the idea of Google Fiber? Say goodbye to it unless you are lucky enough to already have it. The Internet of tomorrow will require a lot more bandwidth than we have today but regulations will slow that process to a crawl and with it all the benefits we will now wait longer to receive. All so we can get our Netflix which we were never denied anyway.

Wake up people. Tomorrow may be the last day the Internet exists as we have known it.

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New Federal Judge and Former RIAA Lobbyist Becomes Darling of Copyright Trolls Everywhere

Newly minted Federal Judge Beryl Howell, of the Federal District Court of Washington DC, who’s resume includes being a lobbyist for the RIAA, Helped Draft the DMCA, and was a lawyer for a company that specializes in tracking down and suing alleged copyright violators, in one of her first rulings has opened the floodgates to mass lawsuits by copyright trolls. With her long history of being on one side of the copyright law it would have behooved her to recuse herself as to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest but instead issued a ruling that essentially overturned other judges in other districts who had thrown out so called John Doe or reverse class-action lawsuits as being an unconstitutional violation of due process and the rights of the accused.

She also denied Time Warners request to limit the number of subpoenas to 28 a month so they and other ISPs would not be unduly burdened and in doing so handed the plaintiffs a zero – infinity number of defendants they can find and opening the flood-gates to a deluge of paperwork that will take years to process. She also denied the motion to limit all subpoenas to potential defendants that reside in her district. Taking a huge overstepping of her authority she granted nationwide supeana power to the plaintifs. Only after a defendant has been named during discovery could the defendant then make a motion challenging the jurisdiction but there is no limit to where they can pursue them.

When the defendants are named, they will have the opportunity to file appropriate motionschallenging the Court’s jurisdiction and that will be the appropriate time to consider this issue.The Court and parties are in no position yet to evaluate each putative defendant’s specificconnection with this jurisdiction. Quashing the subpoenas would effectively bar the plaintiffs’from obtaining discovery pertinent to that evaluation, and this Court declines to cut off jurisdictional discovery prematurely when the defendants are named, they will have the opportunity to file appropriate motions challenging the Court’s jurisdiction and that will be the appropriate time to consider this issue. The Court and parties are in no position yet to evaluate each putative defendant’s specific connection with this jurisdiction. Quashing the subpoenas would effectively bar the plaintiffs’from obtaining discovery pertinent to that evaluation, and this Court declines to cut off jurisdictional discovery prematurely.

The defendants that are identified may have to wait till the discovery period is over, which could be years if ever, before they could even attempt to defend themselves. Meanwhile they will be hounded relentlessly by lawyers seeking settlements. In many cases the cost of litigation will be too high and many will not be able to afford lawyers and be forced to settle regardless of the merits of their individual case.

Judge Beryl Howell has become the darling of copyright trolls everywhere. Hopefully this ruling will be overturned on appeal but one thing is curtain Judge Beryl Howell has taken her life’s work to the bench and has way overstepped her authority. If this is not a conflict of interest nothing is.

“Unquestionably, there are online crooks who are getting away with impunity. Victims are fending for themselves.” – Beryl Howell.

I have created a Facebook group “Impeach Judge Beryl Howell for Conflict of Interest” to bring awareness of this judge and track, discuss, and document her rulings. Anyone with a Facebook account can join.

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The Internet. The Present and Future of Politics

Nixon, Kennedy, JFK, 1960 Presidential Election, Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Presidential debate 1960It was 1960 during the Presidential election between Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy. The polls were running neck and neck and there was no clear-cut winner until one event that changed politics forever.

It was the first ever televised presidential debate.  It was not so much the substance of the debate that had such a profound impact, but rather how each of them appeared on the new medium of television.

On one side you had Richard M. Nixon the sitting Vice President who sported a slight five o’clock shadow which, against the black and white picture, made him appear brooding. Along side was a young and photogenic JFK that the camera took too immediately. This event catapulted then Senator Kennedy into the White House and into history.

John Mccain, Barack Obama, Presidential election 2008Fast forward to the 2008 Presidential Election, again we had cross generational candidates. Both Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama were very adept at television so there was no real advantage there like in 1960, but what made the difference for Barack Obama was just as profound if not more than television was for Nixon and Kennedy. It was the internet, and it made all the difference in the world to who now occupies the White House.

Obama’s campaign took a page out of Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign and built up an army of supporters by using social networks, blogs, and websites to raise millions from small donations solicited on the Internet.

The Republican Party must learn from this and meet the Democrats internet advantage head on. The internet is the future of politics and the party that uses it most effectively will be the ones who raise the most money and win elections.

Right now we, as Republicans, are the scruffy faced Richard Nixon and the Democrats are the JFK. It need not be that way. Conservatives and Republicans dominated the Internet till around 2006. We can take it back, and must get it back to stop Barack Obama from making this country no longer the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Reposted from a blog article I wrote on the Emery County Republican Party website.

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A Black Man is President Because of The Internet

Better stated; A Black man is President because the Internet is a meritocracy and merit is power.

Stated differently; Because the nature of the Internet supports the technical requirements of a meritocracy, a Black man is president.

However stated best, I think health care reform will pass because of the Internet and because our Black president is smarter than the average guy and understands what the ‘gentiles’ don’t.  The Internet is all powerful.

Source: In a reflection of a legislative strategy that has left no stone unturned, President Barack Obama on Monday called on like-minded bloggers to help his administration keep the heat on lawmakers to pass health care reform.

“It is important just to keep the pressure on members of Congress because what happens is there is a default position of inertia here in Washington,” the president said during an invitation-only conference call. “And pushing against that, making sure that people feel that the desperation that ordinary families are feeling all across the country, every single day, when they are worrying about whether they can pay their premiums or not… People have to feel that in a visceral way. And you guys can help deliver that better than just about anybody.”

In a roughly 25-minute session with a handful of prominent progressive bloggers, the president also asked for help combating disinformation about his health care plan.

“I know the blogs are best at debunking myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets,” he said. “And that is why you are going to play such an important role in our success in the weeks to come.”

Yes, Mr. President, we will help you!

Yes We Can!

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