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Utah Valley Magazine’s Version of Women of Color . . .

Must be seen to be believed.

From Gawker:

“That was not intended as an ethnic comment,” Bennett told me when I called to ask her if she was familiar with the traditional understanding of the adjectival phrase in question. “It was just clever wordplay. It was that women add color, and there’s more than one meaning of color.”

So does her magazine employ any actual women, or even people, of color? “We don’t. I definitely don’t think we’re ethnically diverse. But we did have an article in this issue about the first African American Miss Utah Teen USA.” So there’s that.

 FWIW, I think the editor probably didn’t mean anything malign or cruel; it’s just a function of general cultural cluelessness.  I can’t help but feel a bit despair – why is it every time Utah gets national attention we end up looking like a state of doofuses?  (The headline has since been changed online from Women of Color to Colorful Women.)


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