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Local Nursing Home Terrorized by Republican Operative

The Utah Senate race seems to be heating up.

Late last week, in an early morning raid, a small army of well-organized protectors of the political status quo took down all the Pete Ashdown signs in the Foothill area of Salt Lake City replacing many of them with “republican” signs.

Interestingly, Republican Party County Chairman James Evans who had presided over a voter registration-dessert party at St. Joseph’s Villa Thursday evening, was seen lurking in the shadows of the shrubs south of the wheelchair shop on the premises just after dark.

Hours later, coincidentally, at about 2 a.m. Friday morning, Mr. Evans was spotted leading a group of ambulatory residents out the back door of the nursing home. According to a witness, the residents, still dressed in pajamas, were led through a backyard and piled into a van, loaded with republican campaign signs, parked a block away, and drove east with Chairman Evans at the wheel.

It was further reported by long-time St. Joseph’s Villa resident Bee Bee (Bessie Bensen), that an unusually high number of residents were late for breakfast Friday morning, prompting kitchen staff to hold breakfast open till 10:30 a.m.

St. Joseph staff refused to confirm or deny the unusual meal hours.

This video proves that republican’s have been fear mongering. Remember when America was?

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Democratic Party in Utah May Be Saved By Republicans

Between having to call in law enforcement to quell a republican caucus meeting chaired by the contentious SL county party chair James Evans, James Evans - Fmr Senator, Republican Party Chair Salt Lake County and the kind of comments made by Limbaugh wannabe Blaine Nichols in “His” Davis County Clipper column its little wonder the LDS Church’s 1st Presidency is asking for calm.Nichols actually wrote”

As long as the Democratic Party openly and aggressively champions divisive, ultra liberal positions; including abortion on demand, individual unaccountability, forced acceptance of abnormal lifestyles, coerced tolerance of only their selected viewpoint, “victimization” of those who really need no help, and ever increasing power into the hands of governments; even if the LDS Church were to specifically so instruct, there is virtually no chance the Democrats will achieve sufficient votes to gain a meaningful political voice . . . . . except in Salt Lake City.

Not one to stereotype people based on religion, ethnicity, nationality etc, I did take a stab at stereotyping Nichols based on his comments. I was RIGHT! nichols.jpg He looks even more like you know who than I thought he would.

You can read more of his “fine” writings here (you will have to search “Nichols.” The Clipper’s website technology is circa 1999)

(Click on image to enlarge)

I’ll make one more assumption and challenge him to prove otherwise; Mr. Nichols does not own a library card.

You know Blaine, on Radio West today they were talking about how the republicans began to define us for us for the first time starting with the Rove. You guys do it so much now, you’ve begun to believe it and say it with ever more conviction, till you can’t go out anymore without meeting a nice democrat and having to say” well, he’s not really the kind I’m talking about, I’m talkin bout Ted Kennedy” or some such liberal politician really well loved by a lot of very nice and kind people.

I mean do you really believe that Utah democrats are that bad? Did you ever meet Karen Shepard, or Gov Matheson or Gov. Rampton? How about Peter Corroon? You’re scaring people with that kinda attitude.

..and it’s just darn mean to accuse folks of wanting abortion on demand. Your granny would tell ya to be more repectin’o’folks. I don’t know one person who is not sickened by abortion. It a horrible thing when it happens, and it can be devastating for the entire family. But it is a personal and private decision, and that how most (by a lot) think it should stay.

Steve Olsen -Democratic Candidate for US Congress for the State of Utah 1st DistrictHave you ever met a democrat named Steve Olsen? He’s is a fine man – beyond reproach – respected by all. Steve is cut from the same cloth as the Founding Fathers, and he might be your Bishop or that of someone you love, and they are better off for it.

So Blaine, do you own a library card? Pls advise.

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