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The Truth About the Reagan Presidency Being Etched into History

Reagan is mostly responsible for the economic path on which we find ourselves.  I watched it happen.  It was the reason I studied Political Science in College.

I also watched the deafening roar of approval for everything the guy did as I came of age and realized that the enemy among us is the media and the ignorance of the American people.

Reagan was an elistist and a cruel man.  He screwed the little guy and made them love him for it.

Two authoritative books which make this argument have just published.  Here’s a great review of them.

The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan: A History of the End of the Cold War
By James Mann
Hardcover: 416 pages, $27.95
Viking Adult: New York, March 2009

The effects of the policies of the 40th president of the United States are currently reverberating throughout the economy in more dramatic ways than at any time since his departure from office. Deregulation, privatization and the glorification of corporate business interests over that of working citizens have led to the economic meltdown in which we find ourselves, and never has there been a more opportune time to revisit the impact of Ronald Reagan.

Of the two books on review today, William Kleinknecht’s The Man Who Sold the World is by far the most condemnatory and the most sweeping in indictment—to the point where even the harshest of critics may become uncomfortable with the one-sided, black-and-white presentation on display for over 300 pages. A few thousand words of bitter broadside is one thing; tens of thousands is another. Still, it’s a compelling work for Reagan critics to have on the shelf, handy for reference. Just don’t plan on handing it off to a fence-sitter and have it persuade.

Kleinknecht’s emphasis goes far beyond Reagan’s effect on the economy. The Gipper also ushered in, according to the author, an age of vulgarity and selfishness unparalleled in American history. He was a culture warrior of the worst kind, he argues, lowering standards in every area he touched: read on…

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