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OneUtah Purchases “Top Spot” on Major Blog

As a gesture of thanks to JD Berger for his dedication to the National Conversation and commitment to getting as many guns out there as possible, I have purchased, on behalf OneUtah’s great authors, “Top Spot” on JD Berger’s “The Real Gun Guys.”

For $5 bucks, even if he breaks the agreement (*and keeps my money) it will have been worth every second of glory.

OneUtah Purchased Top Spot on Real Gun Guys

My favorite comment from this fine blog:

It’s pretty clear that Cliff is just an attention whore, standing on the corner with an incomprehensible sign screaming at traffic.

His pathetic attempt at witty reparte, stereotypes and veiled threats of violence prove that he couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag.

Fortunately, he’s been exposed as the effete fraud that he really is.

Comment by jdberger — April 19, 2008 #


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