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Former Rep. Jim Hansen and I agree

Wow, I seriously never thought I could say those words and mean it, but Utah’s former representative, Republican James Hansen talked some serious sense on the topic of voter redistricting.

While the Republican-dominated Utah Legislature fiercely defends its constitutional right and expertise in the once-a-decade task of redrawing voter districts, former U.S. Congressman Jim Hansen begs to differ.

“I don’t know anybody who screws up more when it comes to reapportionment,” Hansen, a former state House Speaker and Utah’s longest-serving U.S. House member when he stepped down following the last redistricting.

He applauded the initiative effort that Fair Boundaries Coalition recently launched to put the formation of an independent redistricting commission on the Utah ballot in 2010.

“When the petitions come out, I’ll be the first to sign,” said the former 11-term congressman from Farmington.

The bounds set in 2001 were especially horrible, Hansen added.

“They were trying to get (Democratic Congressman) Jim Matheson,” Hansen said. “That’s the voters’ job, not the place of the Legislature.”

Well what do you know. I don’t expect to hear any Republicans in the legislature agreeing with Hansen, but I’m pleased he said this anyway. Honesty. It’s refreshing.

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