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Gun Lobby Stages Press Club Event: Buses in Bible Thumpers with Pimples

C-Span has been airing a forum hosted by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus called Handguns on College Campuses. The thesis is “More Guns, Less Crime”

I’ve been taking notes from time to time. Here they are in rough.

*Best I could tell, the audience was comprised of about 25 well-pimpled bible thumpers.

John Lott Shameless Whore of the Right-Wing

John Lott spoke first. He’s probably the biggest whore (Alan Korwin is a distant second) and financial beneficiary of the pro-gun hype and hysteria. For those of you who don’t know, in 1998 Lott published the infamous book More Guns Less Crime. The NRA used it as their bible.

It was and is the most shameless, inaccurate, piece of pro-gun propaganda imaginable for an actual professor of a major University. It has been thoroughly discredited across the board, including by people in the pro-gun lobby. He is a serious freak show. Since then, he’s made some of the most ridiculous arguments on women’s liberation, abortion, and any other right-wing cause that gets him speaking gigs.

In his speech today, all Lott does is give us lots of anecdotes. All of them relate to multiple victim public shooting (MPVS) events that are so rare as to be statistically irrelevant.

He says, in States with right to carry laws, MPVS events were reduced by 40%. Then he says 40% of school shootings have been prevented by people with other guns.

Since both events occurs so infrequently (probably less than 1 per year) in most states…well, you can see how shallow these guys are, or at least how stupid they think their adoring fans are.

Paul Hemke from the Brady Campaign followed. Turns out, he is the only gun control guy all day.

Paul says, cops only hit their target 20% of the time. (Is that true JD?)

He counters Lott’s Kirkwood MO, shooting anecdote which involved a guy who took a gun from a cop, ran into the courtroom, shot another cop by reminding us the shooter was actually subdued by someone throwing a chair at him.

While Lott tried to argue that Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) holders appear to be trustworthy. Hemke reminds of all the times a CCP holder has shot a cop, his wife, or himself.

99.99999% of classroom time on college campuses is free of gun violence. With binge drinking 50% higher than non-college kids, the high rate of college suicide by guns, and the difficulty of securing a handgun, the very notion that anyone is safer by having more guns on campus is so ridiculous as to be criminally and materially deficient.

Lotts rebuttle:

Lott says, “The problem with gun free zones is the cops are taken out first.” He uses Israel and terrorism as an example. I would be insulted if someone asked me to take that comparison seriously.

The problem with this argument, is that in these kinds of cases (ESPECIALLY with terrorists), the shooter WANTS to die, so the likelihood that someone nearby has a gun is hardly a deterrent.

Lott actually argues that very few CCP holders ever have their permits revoked. I’m not sure how that is relevant to anything.

The rest of the day were panels of all pro-gun people. As a group they were all fairly morose looking, and most either angry or seemed afraid of the world.

I’m gonna end this with a classic example of a stupid argument. This guy, the head of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, complains that most companies forbid employees from keeping guns locked in their cars because the insurance companies don’t like it. So he’s pushing legislation that would wave companies from the associated liability.

One would think if hand guns were so damn safe, insurance companies would be promoting them. I’ve yet to see an insurance company unwilling to make a good bet.

So Bill S, my friend. How much more evidence do you need that more hand guns = more death and injury?

Just follow the money.


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