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“Even Backwards Hicks” Love Obama

I hate country music, but there is something sickly optimistic in this music video parody. This is for the ages.

When Toby Keith came out in support of Obama it proved that even backwards hicks think he’s the better candidate. Source

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Doing the math: McCain’s only path to the White House

The MSNBC map shows McCain’s dilemma (click map to view large). To gain the electoral votes he needs, even if he wins EVERY toss-up state, he still needs to steal an Obama state.

Likely and Leaning McCain: 163
Toss Up States: 89
Total: 252

Needs: 18 more electoral votes to reach 270

For all the bravado and spin still coming from the McCain campaign, the only way McCain wins this is by running the table on the toss-up states plus either a leaning Obama state like New Hampshire, or a significant upset in an Obama state like Pennsylvania.

It’s too soon to celebrate. But the numbers tell the story.

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Many different paths to 270

Polls would indicate Barack Obama has a comfortable lead in enough states that McCain has almost no chance of getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election. But it’s not an impossibility. The Obama campaign is taking no chances. In addition to the states already under intense focus, they have expanded their ad campaign to Arizona, Georgia, and North Dakota–states expected to go red.

The past two presidential elections came down to, well, pretty much Ohio. This election is far different and the mix of states still in play, close to the edge makes it very much a horse race. No-one is calling it yet as the outcome could either be close or it could be landslide. It’s true that McCain has a tougher route to the win than does Obama, but there is still a route.

Even if the ads in Red territory don’t produce wins in those states, they could win supporters and tighten the gap. This helps both in support for the new president as well as looking forward to 2012.

Four days to go!

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Look Behind You

Continuing the theme of several of my co-authors here, enjoy Obama’s newest TV ad:


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What’s all this about Rashid Khalidi?

The Wall Street Journal published a press release from the Republican National Committee, providing a run-down and bio information about Khalidi. The intent is clearly to make Obama look anti-Israel by his association with Khalidi.

However, to quote Rachel Maddow, this is the old ‘I’m rubber and you’re glue . . .’ dilemma. Turns out McCain himself has been very supportive of Khalidi in the past. With large sums of money and a relationship going back to 1993.

From Huffington Post:

During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), McCain distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center co-founded by Khalidi, including one worth half a million dollars.

A 1998 tax filing for the McCain-led group shows a $448,873 grant to Khalidi’s Center for Palestine Research and Studies for work in the West Bank.

So what does it mean? Absolutely nothing.

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Closing Arguments

I heard a bit of Biden’s speech today. He said (to paraphrase) we can no longer be a red country and a blue country. We are one nation, under God, indivisible. Get up and take back this country we love. This summarizes the final message from Obama/Biden. The desire is to end the schisms of red and blue and bring all sides together.

The McCain/Palin closing argument is as disjointed as has been their entire campaign. And it continues the drumbeat of fear, lies, distortions, and fails to tell us what they stand for. Bottom line, their closing argument is to campaign AGAINST Obama/Biden, and not campaign FOR anything.

Judge for yourself which one is preparing to take office and move forward to serve the people of this country.

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Trouble in Paradise

Apparently there is trouble between the McCain and Palin camps. According to CNN:

[A] McCain source says she appears to be looking out for herself more than the McCain campaign.

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone,” this McCain adviser said. “She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else.

“Also, she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party. Remember: Divas trust only unto themselves, as they see themselves as the beginning and end of all wisdom.”

Things are definitely breaking down. The campaign appears to be in serious disarray. But the point is not to gloat, but to recognize the lack of leadership and unity. As I said before, it matters.

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Why the Ineptness of the McCain Campaign Matters

Bill Kristol joins in the growing cacophony of conservative voices lambasting the entire McCain campaign. He calls it “malpractice”. And it is. I’ve become almost dizzy with McCain’s Ricochet Rabbit approach to his campaign message, changing from day to day, never correcting his errors, boldly making new ones.


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How McCain has run his campaign is a clear example to the American people how he would lead the country. (In my opinion he has not run the campaign at all, but has followed the direction of some poorly-chosen advisors.)

The next leader of this great country and the free world needs to have focus, direction, and a clear understanding of the issues. He needs to be thoughtful and deliberative, and must inspire confidence in his leadership ability. He needs to surround himself with smart, savvy people who aren’t just gauging the winds of change in public opinion, but planning more stragically for the long-term, making the right decisions for the greater good.

The Obama and the McCain campaigns each are a microcosm of how each man would run the county. No question which one appears more prepared to take the reins.

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