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CAN we all just get along?

This resolution offered by Senator John Valentine, states that there is “growing incivility in our civic and public settings”, and urges “the people of Utah to return to fundamental principles that will lead to greater civility and a new spirit of community and invite[s] all Utahns to join us in affirming established ground rules for respectful public discourse and behavior.”

Despite my headline, the resolution does actually say “this is not an appeal for all citizens of the state simply to get along . . . , there are profound differences among Utahns, and spirited debate is a vital part of American democracy.”

I’m not sure to whom this resolution is directed, but the language is interesting

WHEREAS, it is vital that the importance of rights and the dignity of each individual be remembered;
WHEREAS, our society is founded upon the proposition that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and that freedom of conscience and expression is at the foundation of our rights;
WHEREAS, each of us should be responsible both in the exercise of our rights and in protecting the rights of others; . . .
WHEREAS, on divisive issues, areas of common ground should first be explored, and effort should be given to build broad-based agreement, giving due regard to the concerns of minority points of view: [emphasis mine]

I sincerely love those words about all people being equal and everyone being responsible for protecting the rights of others. Isn’t this all the supporters of the Common Ground Initiative have been asking for?

And then this.

WHEREAS, intimidation, ridicule, personal attacks, mean spiritedness, reprisals against those who disagree, and other disrespectful or unethical behaviors destroy the fabric of society and should not be tolerated;
WHEREAS, those who engage in this behavior should be brought to light, held accountable, and should no longer enjoy the public’s trust;

If the legislature approves this resolution, does this mean that Sen. Buttars will have to step down since he is no longer entitled to enjoy the public’s trust.

Or have I misread the whole thing, and this resolution is really directed at the media and bloggers?

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