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Rocky Anderson HAMMERS Bill O’Reilly on The Factor

This is why we love Rocky. The contrast between Rocky and Bill was palatable. Bill seemed so small and helpless.

There does not need to be a demonstrable crime to impeach the president of the United States. Apparently Bill thinks there does.

I almost choked when Bill said in disagreement:

I think I know more than you do about American history and the Constitution.

Rocky of course was an ACLU legal eagle.

Andrew Napolitano,Rocky Anderson, Bill O’Rielly

Rocky says: Do you just have guests on your show so you can hear yourself talk? …You invite guests on to call them names?

After the segment, O’Reilly engaged Fox’s Senior Judicial Analyst, a thoroughly discredited (by the National Review nonetheless) former NJ State Judge, Andrew Napolitano for a little moral support after the spanking Rocky gave O’Reilly for his ignorance on the Constitution.

Here’s what Mitt Romney says about Rocky

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