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Jury Nullification. Every Juror’s Right

Juries are the last line of defense against bad laws and have the right to refuse to convict based on the law itself being unjust or unjustly applied.  However, most juries are completely unaware of the power they have.  You have heard judges say, “The law is not on trial here”? When a judge says this they have violated their oaths of office and are attempting to take away the rights of jurors. The law is on trial in every court proceeding in this country.

I don’t know how many times I have heard a juror, after the fact, say they would have voted to acquit but the law tied their hands. They did not understand what it means to be a juror.

As a juror you are not an officer or agent of the court. You are an agent of the people themselves and thus given the power of the people. Your voice is stronger than the judge,  the Congress, the President and even the Supreme Court. You are independent of the government and the courts.

It is a usurpation by the government to not fully disclose to the jury their rights and worse yet to give them instructions that go against their rights. For a judge to instruct a juror they cannot evaluate the law itself is no different than if a judge orders the accused to testify against themselves.

If you are called to jury duty know and understand your rights and don’t let any judge take them away. There is a movement in this country to require judges to inform jurors of their rights. This is a good idea.

Fully Informed Jury Association

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