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Environmental Terrorist? Takes One to Know One

Here it comes.  Another fantastic idea from from a Utah cow farmer.

mikenoelWhat an ASS! Utah State Rep. Mike Noel has decided that he should decide what happens to public federal lands that happen to be in Utah.  Who can blame him.  He’s probably been grazing his methane factories on federal land for so long, he thinks he owns it too.

But not Tim. No Tim DeChristopher is “laughing” because he stole millions from Utah schools.  What a putz.

Lets see.  Which land use is more destructive of the environment.

a. Preserving it.

b. Ranching

c. Drilling

If you answered ‘b’ you are right.  Mike Noel knows an environmental terrorist when he sees one BECAUSE HE IS ONE!

Rural Utah lawmaker angered over block on drilling

‘Environmental terrorism’ » He aims to enact a new state law against disrupting oil lease sales
By Cathy Mckitrick
The Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 02/05/2009

One lawmaker says that it’s time for Utah to fight back over the sale of 77 oil and gas leases disrupted last month by University of Utah student Tim DeChristopher and since shelved by the Obama administration.

Rep. Mike Noel said he initiated a bill Thursday to make DeChristopher’s actions a felony.

“To me, it’s environmental terrorism,” said the Kanab rancher. “I’m really upset that he participated in taking millions [of dollars] away from the school system that he benefited from and he sits out there laughing at us.”

Noel told his GOP colleagues in the House that the state could miss out on $30 million in royalties over the next 15 years because those leases are now off-limits.

“Utah is in the gun sights of the environmental community,” Noel said, blasting the Obama administration for — in one month — reversing the opening of public lands, including near national parks, to drilling.

Noel urged the GOP caucus to galvanize in opposition to the recent shelving of the leases by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

“We’re the Legislature, the ones who are supposed to have the control. It’s time to stand up and be counted.”

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