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Rove: Repeating a false argument will make it true

Well, if anyone would know, it would be Rove, eh? Tonight’s Hypocrisy Watch: Lest we forget.

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Rove and Miers will testify about fired U.S. Attorneys

Rove and Miers have given up the fight. Apparently no-one wanted to have the issue settled in court. From MSNBC:

WASHINGTON – Former top aides to President George W. Bush agreed Wednesday to testify before Congress under oath about the firings of U.S. attorneys, a controversy involving allegations of political interference that became a major issue in Bush’s second term.

The Bush White House had fought attempts to force Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to testify, and the agreement — steered by aides to President Barack Obama — ended that constitutional standoff with Congress. Both the White House and lawmakers, especially now that Democrat Obama has replaced Republican Bush — were leery of having a judge settle the question about the limits of executive privilege, for fear of losing.

The agreement calls for Rove and Miers, Bush’s top political adviser and White House counsel, to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in closed depositions “under the penalty for perjury,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich. The committee says it also might call the two for public testimony.

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Karl Rove subpoenaed before Congress, again

roveGetting subpeonaed and actually testifying are worlds apart, as we’ve seen in the past. However, things are different this time since a federal judge rejected Rove’s excuse for not testifying the last time. This is one slimy guy I’d like to see squirm under questioning. He seems to have a reason for not wanting to talk. Let’s hear it.

The New York Times:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed former White House adviser Karl Rove to testify about the Bush administration’s firing of U.S. attorneys.

The subpoena Monday by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers continues a long-running legal battle. Rove previously refused to appear before the panel, contending that former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress.

Rove was asked to appear for a deposition on Feb. 2. Conyers also wants him to testify on whether politics played a role in the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, a Democrat.

Rove’s former boss, ex-President George W. Bush, upheld Rove’s legal position but it has been rejected by a federal judge.

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Cheney Rove Squealer Dies in Mysterious Plan Crash

Here’s one of those stories you will never see in the main stream media, and the reason Amy Goodman won the Right Livelihood Award for Journalism.

This is about the guy that helped Rove and Cheney rig the 2004 election was to be a key witness on RICO charges against them.

Republican IT Specialist Dies in Plane Crash Read the rest of this entry »

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Bush Legacy Project, rewriting history

The great spinners of the Bush administration, Karen Hughes and Karl Rove, are back in the White House with a team working on the Bush Legacy Project to put a positive spin on the last eight years. I.e., rewriting history. Rachel Maddow is keeping them honest (video below).

Bush in an interview blames faulty intelligence for leading us into the war. And Karl Rove says in a speech this week, “Absent the [Weapons of Mass Destruction] I suspect the administration’s course would have been to work to find more creative ways to constrain [Saddam Hussein], I don’t think there would have been an invasion.”

Huh? Is that how you remember it? (Note Karl’s subtle suggestion that there were, in fact, WMDs.)

However, as Rachel points out, the problem with rewriting history is that “history has a way of finding its way onto the Google machine” on the Internets where we can find all kinds of words that have been said in the past.

Rachel then quotes Bush from a Brit Hume Interview in 2005 in which he says that even without WMD, it was the right thing to invade Iraq.

Nice try, Karl. Even sans the Internets, we haven’t forgotten the fear mongering, the visions of mushroom clouds. There’s a reason why this president has the lowest approval rating in history. Haven’t you learned that lying to us doesn’t work?

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What Karl Rove didn’t learn in this election

Karl Rove has an opinion article this week in the Wall Street Journal, History Favors Republicans in 2010, in which he laboriously explains how Republicans have an advantage in 2010. Here’s a bit:

Redistricting and reapportionment could help tilt the playing field back to the GOP in Congress and the race for the White House by moving seven House seats (and electoral votes) from mostly blue to mostly red states.

History will favor Republicans in 2010. Since World War II, the out-party has gained an average of 23 seats in the U.S. House and two in the U.S. Senate in a new president’s first midterm election. Other than FDR and George W. Bush, no president has gained seats in his first midterm election in both chambers.

Since 1966, the incumbent party has lost an average of 63 state senate and 262 state house seats, and six governorships, in a president’s first midterm election. That 2010 is likely to see Republicans begin rebounding just before redistricting is one silver lining in an otherwise dismal year for the GOP.

In politics, good years follow bad years. Republicans and Democrats have experienced both during the past 15 years. A GOP comeback, while certainly possible, won’t be self-executing and automatic. It will require Republicans to be skillful at both defense (opposing Mr. Obama on some issues) and offense (creating a compelling agenda that resonates with voters). And it will require leaders to emerge who give the right public face to the GOP. None of this will be easy. All of this will be necessary.

As Republican Joe Scarborough pointed out for Mr. Rove’s benefit, it isn’t about what’s good for the party, it’s about what’s good for the country.

After this last election, I have a little more confidence in the American voter. Collectively, we seem smarter and more able to see through the political schemes and scams. Swiftboating is no longer as effective with a big part of the voting public. And we are far more savvy shoppers with selecting our leaders.

Karl Rove represents politics as usual at the end of the 20th Century–a cynical, condescending view of an electorate that is just not smart and is easily manipulated. Barack Obama and his team represent the new century and the new way of campaigning for office. Yes, they made the best use of technology. And they methodically fought the smears as fast as those emerged. But they also had a real platform of issues that Americans care about and not just issues designed to trick people and to game the political system. And most of all, they showed profound respect for American voters.

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Biggest Loser of the Year: Karl Rove

On Chris Matthews’ Hardball today, he lists the year’s biggest losers after this campaign. I, for one, am glad to see that the Rovian method of gaming politics has been exposed and has failed miserably in the end. All that’s left now is to require him to testify before congress (and maybe the ‘perp’ walk).

#1 Karl Rove
Rove thought he could build a permanent Republican majority by dividing the country. Based on the idea that you were either “patriotic or not, for wars or not, with the cultural values of the right or not”. But it turns out the Republicans didn’t focus enough on economy while playing Rove’s game, and were caught unprepared for the huge economic disaster that climaxed during the election.

Other losers were:

#2 The Bradley Effect. Turned out there was no such effect with this election.

#3 Sen. Elizabeth Dole. Ran a vicious and dishonest ad and lost her senate seat.

#4 Joe Lieberman. Broke party ranks to endorse McCain, but may now be in a bad place. Democrats are upset with him; however, they need his votes in the Senate.

#5 Sarah Palin. Unprepared. Woefully ignorant. Thought Africa was a country not a continent.

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GOP IT Guru Ordered Deposed MONDAY! Rove Next!

Maybe Reid and Pelosi are smarter than we thought…

The attorneys in the case have said that Connell’s testimony may well lead to the subpoenaing and under-oath questioning of Karl Rove, who, they say, would be unable to use Executive Privilege as an excuse to avoid such a subpoena in a civil RICO case…

I wish Ken Bingham were around to tell us why there seems to have been SO MUCH corruption by Republicans under Bushie. He’s probably too busy looking for a one room rental to move his family into now that he’s upside down on his mortgage.

ht/t NBBooks/DailyKos

Republican computer expert Mike Connell, who has been implicated as being at the center of vote fraud in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004, has been ordered by an Ohio judge to appear for a deposition on Monday, the day before the election!

This takes out one of the GOP’s most important players – at the most crucial time imaginable!

The full story is available on The Brad Blog here.

The Story

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Karl Rove: Almost NO Friends Left

Accept the ones that will hang if he talks. Thats how the Republicans are. They suck up to the guy in power, in the moment…and bail at the first sign of trouble. We are presently witnessing the desertion of Bush. But where ever will they run now? Certainly not McCain.

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Artur Davis, Scott McClellan throws Karl Rove under the bus.
Artur Davis, Congressman from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Selma, is a rising star. He was the best questioner in the Justice Committee hearing with Scot McClellan. C-Span has been playing it twice a day since. It well worth several viewings.

Leaves you with a dark feeling about a hanging in the air.

PS: If anyone can find the entire segment with Artur Davis, please let me know. Its “special.”

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Another Bushie Gets Religion: McClellan

While I am pleased former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has published enough “juicy” to sell a shit-load of books. But I’m not buying his justification.

On the recent C-Span appearance, explained why he did it by describing the strong public service values instilled in him by his family. Later, he said retrospectively, he wished he had spoken up earlier and resigned in protest.

That really tugged at my heart strings…until another caller accused him of being complicit to which he repeated the new McClellan party line about having not fully appreciated (figured out) what was going on until after he left.

So which is it? Did he know and not speak out, or did he really not notice that he was the head spokesman of a Soviet style propaganda machine in which lying, deception, cover up, secrecy and all kinds of crime has become the rule?

After a lifetime of solid training in the Country-First American values of truth, transparency and public service, does McClellan actually expect us to believe that somehow he missed the fact that he was fronting for a bunch of subversive traitors?

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Makes me wanna puke. Its really obvious to me, the guy figured out that if he didn’t come clean now, his career in politics would be over. We’ll see.

Unless he’s a complete buffoon, he knew about and perpetuated a whole slew of other lies too and should hang with the rest.

Oh yeah. When asked, he promised some of the proceeds from the book would go to help survivor Iraqi families destroyed by the illegal war of choice (but he had to check with his wife on the percentage).

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