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Proof Liberals Are Not Tribal Like The Right

The Oval Office blow job followed by the dawn of the Bush era more than eight years ago awakened a new batch of heretofore politically uninterested, uninformed Americans.

Unfortunately, it was not so much an awakening of imagination and enlightened political thought, it was more like an open call to a smoldering mass of barbarians responding to the call to join the feast in the main dining hall of the just conquered clan and a promise to share in the spoils of battle.

But these political newbies did not respond to the call to become informed, valued participants in the process of governing, but rather they responded to a call to rise up and arm themselves with a new political retoric that promised unopposed pillaging of the village as far into the future as one could imagine.

Ok, enough with the parable.

Soon enough these newly inspired Americans, ignorant of our political past and under false assumption began to claim that democrats and liberals never criticized their own side. Soon it was a chorus.

But it was not true. Liberals have always been equal opportunity critics having evolved far beyond the tribal mentality of those who would be the substance of the permanent republican majority.

Now that WE are once again in control, I’d like to take this occasion to point out to these newbies that we do not bow to our leaders and follow blindly under the poisonous conviction that our leaders can do no wrong.

To wit. Check out the recommended diaries on DailyKos.comon any given day. And for those challenged by letters, words and full sentences, I give you just one of an already large library of Keith Olbermann rants (comment) taking our DEMOCRATIC leaders to task.

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