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Please Vote for This Great Man in Mombasa Kenya “Same tribe as Obama”

Facebook is amazing.

Well over a year ago, I became Facebook friends with James (a.k.a HustlaJay) Paul.  I don’t remember how.  And we have become real friends though we have never met…yet.  James is the real deal.  A spiritual man, sometimes homeless, he hustles daily to support his mother and siblings and miraculously, through persistence and faith, pursued his music. He a Masai, same tribe as Obama he reminds me.

Before I tell you the rest, please watch this beautiful video and go vote for him here and I will tell you how this video got made.

This video is the first and only video of James. It was filmed last year as a trailer for a political documentary by a fellow Mombasan who went to film school in New York City. James was chosen for the movie because he fight courageously everyday of political and social justice in Kenya.

The film is not done yet, but the trailer came out so well, a few months ago, his friend generously filled it out as a full music video. The beautiful woman in the video is James’ friend Prudence Kibaya.

If James and Prudence can win, it will be a great thing for Kenya. They deserve it.

Fair Play is a global competition for original songs by young bands on the theme of anti-corruption. The 3 winning bands will win a trip to Kenya to participate in the 2nd Global Anti-Corruption Forum and perform live in Nairobi! The band that receives the most online votes for their video will receive a studio session worth $2000!

Vote for HustlaJay from Mobasa, KenyaThis is the story of James’ life in his words:

James and PrudenceMy names are JAMES MASAI PAUL. Named after great grand father n my grandfather. The street call me Jay my Hip-Hop Names are Hustlajay aka Methusuela n Swila ‘Mchiriza Sumu’

A year after the famine of 1984

And three days before the Messiah was born.22nd December 85, an African daughter of the long distance trader’s community pot broke up in a grass thatched African hut, I was held in her two hands and opened my Eyes to wonders of the world ready for life’s long Journey full of hardship.

Welcomed with guards of milk great ululations the elders celebrated by taking palm wine (mnazi) for a warrior had been born. Issues were before she had been exchanged for a basket of millet, later I was circumcised passage from childhood to adulthood. Read the rest of this entry »

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