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IF Gun Advocates Lie (or fib), People Die

Update: The original title was “Gun Advocates Lie People Die“.

So,… Alan Korwin did not exactly fib. He repeated a claim supposedly made by professor Gary Kleck. A claim which no one can produce.

Bucky 2 Guns

I DID however find something else Gary Kleck said:

“..less than 2% of fatal gun accidents occur during defensive gun use.” source

That means that MORE THAN 98 percent of fatal gun accidents DO NOT occur during defensive gun use.

Soooooooo? How DO fatal gun accidents happen?

That pretty much confirms what I though, people don’t kill people, GUNS KILL PEOPLE.

I’m still looking any evidence that ANY fully employed academic would like to claim research that says 2.5mm/700,000/400,000 Americans each year save their lives with guns.

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