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Guns Advocates Lie While People Die

Alan Korwin

I’ve sent an e-mail to the man pictured to the right. He is a noted gun advocate/writer.

Hi Alan,

I just saw you on C-Span giving a talk on April 8th 2008.

You said, “Guns save hundreds of thousands of lives a year.”

You said this after describing a situation in which a women killed her intruder.

I think this claim needs to be fully explored for veracity because if it is true, we gun control advocates will need to take pause.

If on the other hand, this statement is off by say 99.9%, then it is arguably a lie. As a non-fiction writer, your moral and ethical integrity are in question.

I’ve posted this e-mail on our blog so that you may defend your statement publicly. Please go there to respond.


This is the beauty of the internet. Unsupportable public comments and the people who make them can be taken to task and a permanent record established.

Fortunately, because of OneUtah’s very high search engine ranking, this post will soon be returned on the first page of a search on Alan Korwin. This is called meritocracy.

I hope he will address our concerns responsibly.

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