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Pimping Religion for Power: Okelberries Crusade Withers on the Vine

My final statement in response to the Okelberry Crusade (assault) entitled  Glenn Beck: Hung By the Neck at KVNU
April 17th, 2009 at 09:29


Agreed. We should probably close this thread…after I get a last word.

Okelberries quoted me accurately.

I’m interested in decapitating people who think their religious opinions belong in government.

The operative (dependent) clause here is “who think their religious opinions belong in government.”

I do not speak of religious people, but rather ‘people who…’ I am of course referring to the once powerful moral majority who swept Bush into office and proceeded to invent a new interpretation of the 1st Amendment.

I refer to Republican politicians most of whom were not religious at all but who began associating themselves with God and the religious right when it became expedient.

I refer to the brave people who hold up signs like “God Hates Fags” at political rallies and the spineless ones who sympathize with them. And and of course I refer to the gentle Christian flocks across America who only came to hear of the Separation Clause for the first time a few long years ago when ‘Freedom of Religion…’  was twisted into  “…but not freedom from…”

I refer to the people who ignoring 300 years of American History, suddenly began chanting ‘Christian Nation.’

I refer to the uninformed and well-informed who out of personal insecurity, religious confusion and political expedience, blurred the lines in this great democracy between religion and government.

I refer to those shrill and hysterical voices who would when asked to SHUT UP, thrust their morality-powered, religion shields before all the world and cry victim, quote Hitler and claim discrimination and bigotry until they turn purple.

This is not about religion at all. This is about posers and monsters who have sacrificed whatever grace religion had in this country and pimped it for political power.

OFF With Their Heads!

Peace, Cliff

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