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Overlapping Presidents

George you have done enough, don’t do any anything else. Don’t even water a plant. It’s like this country was a brand new BMW, George smashes it into a tree, and then tosses the keys to Barack Obama and says, “Enjoy! It’s all yours.”

Funny. But it brings to mind serious questions; like, who is running the country?

Our current president makes few and brief public statements with a limp, hangdog look about him that inspires pity and lack of confidence. Bush is AWOL in the financial crisis and Hank Paulsen is left to call all the shots. Taxpayers have no way of knowing how smart the decisions are. Billions have already been spent and we just don’t have any idea if it is helping. But Bush ensures us that he will keep president-elect Obama ‘informed’.

The person who is willing to take action and who communicates best with America is not yet in office. Obama’s speech from Chicago today totally overshadowed Bush’s statement and illustrated that our president-elect is ready to tackle the difficult challenges facing his presidency, that he has rolled up his sleeves and gotten right to work, even though he has no real power yet. He has announced a massive financial plan. He is getting his cabinet and staff in place and has instructed them to get to work, too. He’ll hit the ground running upon taking office.

Too bad the guy with a plan has to sit on the sidelines marking time for two more months. Couldn’t we just move up the inauguration? Like my dad used to say, “Let’s get this show on the road!”

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