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Mike Lee and The Tea Party Collective

A few short weeks ago, Senator Mike Lee of Utah proclaimed that his balanced budget amendment was the only solution for America’s fiscal problems.  Ultimately, when push came to shove on the matter he was forced to back down. Unfortunately for the nation, his refusal to compromise on a real working solution cost us our perfect credit rating. Tea Party principles and not the best interests of the country were in play until the very end.

The problem for Utah, however, remains. We’ve found ourselves within a void of no-return. We’ve aligned with the forces of Mike Lee without the benefit of a true leader.  Leadership can best be described as making decisions that benefit the most number of people, or making decisions that adversely affect the fewest. The credit downgrade debacle, no matter how you slice it, produced no clear leader within our Senate delegation. Taking a stand at any cost is not leadership.

What’s worse is that Mike Lee’s identity will slowly drift away from the Tea Party Collective and morph into something that defines most politicians — the desire to be re-elected. We see it happening with Senator Hatch this year while he attempts to party with the Tea Partiers.  It’s not about doing what is fashionable or following the trends. It’s about doing the right thing, for the right reasons, every time.

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Why the Ineptness of the McCain Campaign Matters

Bill Kristol joins in the growing cacophony of conservative voices lambasting the entire McCain campaign. He calls it “malpractice”. And it is. I’ve become almost dizzy with McCain’s Ricochet Rabbit approach to his campaign message, changing from day to day, never correcting his errors, boldly making new ones.


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How McCain has run his campaign is a clear example to the American people how he would lead the country. (In my opinion he has not run the campaign at all, but has followed the direction of some poorly-chosen advisors.)

The next leader of this great country and the free world needs to have focus, direction, and a clear understanding of the issues. He needs to be thoughtful and deliberative, and must inspire confidence in his leadership ability. He needs to surround himself with smart, savvy people who aren’t just gauging the winds of change in public opinion, but planning more stragically for the long-term, making the right decisions for the greater good.

The Obama and the McCain campaigns each are a microcosm of how each man would run the county. No question which one appears more prepared to take the reins.

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