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Billboards on Legacy Parkway?

Utah has some incredible scenic byways, my favorite being Hwy 12 from Torrey to Bryce Canyon (if you’ve never driven that route, promise yourself to do it this year). Driving Legacy Parkway is a pleasure because of the lack of advertising and sound walls — the unimpeded views of the mountains.

If lawmakers and their friends in business tell you not to worry, that they have no plans to do something, even though a new law would allow them to do it, go ahead and laugh — and look for the crossed fingers behind their backs.

House Bill 272 gives the state control to designate byways, removing the power from local governments. Some leaders in the county fear the bill may ultimately lead to billboard signs ending up next to the parkway. That may be enough cause to lose the byway status. [snip] Read the rest of this entry »

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