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It’s Time to Get Involved

I know it is scary but the State Legislature has more impact on your life than almost any other level of government. City government is largely about performing effective tasks of city management and planning. But our state legislature is hugely important – it has the power to create policies that effect each of us every day.

At the legislative level, there are a few races that should attract our attention – one of the bigggies is House 10 – currently occupied by Utah’s answer to Jesse Helms – Chris Buttars. Buttars survived a convention challenge and is now running against Democratic candidate Ed Rendell. Buttars is an embarrassment and he needs to be gone. If you live anywhere near, Ed can use your help.

I’m also looking at Senate 1 – currently Fred Fife’s seat, this was the late Pete Suazo’s (D) seat. After his death, his wife Alicia (D) held the seat. In 2002, James Evans (R – is payday lender) won this seat, and in 2004 Fred Fife won the race. (Fife had previously served in the House). This year, Fife originally said he wasn’t running, then announced he was running. Luz Robles beat Fife at the State convention and claimed the nomination for the Democratic side. Salt Lake Council member Carlton Christensen won the Republican nomination. Senate 1 has tended Democratic in the past, but Christensen has a relatively high name recognition, having served on City Council from the area since 1998 (he’s currently serving a third, four year term on City Council). Christensen is an experienced campaigner, but Robles has a good team. Given the history, this seat bears watching.

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