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Lindsay Lohan Bitch Slaps Sarah Palin: “Homophobe”

Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson Criticize Sarah Palin: "Narrow Minded, Media Obsessed Homophobe"

Lindsay Lohan has joined Matt Damon and Pam Anderson criticizing VP candidate Sarah Palin, this time as a "narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe." On her official myspace page, she and girlfriend Sam Ronson have written a lengthy, measured post on Sarah Palin. Ronson posted the same piece on her blog. Earlier this month Lohan encouraged the press the focus on the issues when it comes to Palin. read on…

I’m not one for Hollywood folks in politics.  I thought actor Ronnie Reagan was a bad idea.

But when a little name nobody starts making a fuss, knowing full well she will be dismissed, I think that is a sign that the idea of Sarah Palin as VP has become and American Absurdity.


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