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Gay Folks Are Going to the chapel, gonna get married . . . IN UTAH!

Take a minute to scroll through the pictures in this article from the Deseret News – the photos of Matt Barraza and Tony Milner were taken in my home congregation, Holladay United Church of Christ.  Our pastor, Tom Nordberg, has been with us exactly two weeks and this is the first wedding he’s performed in our congregation.  A legal, same sex wedding in Utah in a church by an honest to God real live ordained minister.  I  never thought I’d see it.  But I was there watching it.  This thing really happened.

There’s a petition at Move On urging the governor to let the Judge’s ruling stand.  Please take a minute and sign it.

If you want to get married in Utah, do it now.  I’m hearing that some county clerk’s offices are open today – call and find out and get down there and get married!



Big Day at the Supreme Court

Gay Mormon for marriage equality
This morning at the SCOTUS

I don’t have time right now to offer more than a few thoughts:
DOMA – struck down in broad terms. This is good news.
Prop 8 – the court basically sent it back to the lower court with orders to dismiss because of standing.

All in all, a good day for gay folk at the Supreme Court. There’s still work to be done and we will do it.

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Jamie Kilstein on Gay Marriage

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