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Why Are Republicans Trying to Tear Down America?

Update: COINTELPRO Comes to My Town: My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies

I had to confirm my certainty that this happened under a Republican Governor. And of course it did; “…police surveillance of anti-war and anti-death penalty activists while Republican Bob Ehrlrich was governor.” You can see the current Democratic Governor’s statement here.

ACLU of Maryland Lawsuit Uncovers Maryland State Police Spying Against Peace and Anti-Death Penalty Groups (7/17/2008)


BALTIMORE – The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland today made public what it called “shocking” documents obtained through a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) lawsuit, revealing that the Maryland State Police (MSP) engaged in covert surveillance of local peace and anti-death penalty groups for over a year from 2005-2006. The organization expressed alarm at the incomprehensible spying revealed in 43 pages of summaries and computer logs, none of which refer to criminal or even potentially criminal acts, other than a few isolated references to plans for completely nonviolent civil disobedience.

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