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GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann: The Next Katherine Harris?

Update: Allow me to poach a moment. I signed this petition an hour ago. It was at 10k signers. Its up to 18k already. “Tell Congress to censure Rep. Bachmann.” – Cliff

Watch Chris Mathews lead this wingnut crank from Minnesota not only to the mudhole, but in it up to her neck and perhaps beyond. Indeed, Rep. Bachmann’s situation has all the makings to best the one and only Kathrine Harris and her exemplary demise into the trash heap of republican wingnuts because she refused to keep her pie hole shut!

Someone should tell idiots like Bachmann and Harris that the Bush dynasty of stupid is as stupid does is over, and that when they say stupid things like Bachmann’s recent comments – stupid things that would have been tolerated just a few short years ago – they will be called on it (read what Minnesotans think about Bachmann here).

Let’s see if Bachmann can go so far overboard in her wingnut zealotry that she matches or even exceeds Harris’ astounding feat of totally freaking out Bush and the GOP in 2006.


Hmmm. Looks as though Michele may already be well on her way to besting Harris; the NRCC is pulling its funding for Bachmann in the 3rd District race. Seems as though Bachmann kissed Bush one too many times:

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