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Wankeriffic – the top ten wankers of the decade

Courtesy of Atrios:

Friedman possesses all of the qualities that make a pundit truly wankerific. He fetishizes a false “centrism” which is basically whatever Tom Friedman likes, imagining the Friedman agenda is both incredibly popular in the country and lacking any support from our current politicians, when in fact the opposite is usually true. Washington worships at the altar of the agenda of false centrism, and people often hate it. Problems abroad, even ones which really have nothing to do with us, should be solved by war, and problems at home should be solved by increasing the suffering of poor and middle class people. Even though one political party is pretty much implementing, or trying to implement, 99.999999% of the Friedman agenda, what we really need is a third party catering precisely to this silent majority of Friedmanites.

Truly great wankers possess a kind of glib narcissism, the belief that everything is about them while simultaneously disavowing any responsibility for anything. The important thing about an issue is whether it proves Tom Friedman fucking right, but if it doesn’t we can just move on to the next big thing that will prove Tom Friedman fucking right. If you advocate for wars that go a bit bad, well, it’s not your fault. If only Tom Friedman had been in charge everything would have been great.

Such wankers are impervious to criticism because they’re always doing battle with straw critics. They never remember what they said last week, and assume you won’t either.

The rest of his list is entertaining – including his commentary on Andrew Sullivan who I’ve long thought is one of the worst commentators on everything except sexuality; Sully is utterly incapable of understanding the American left and tends toward a mindless and fact free centrism.  When he’s right, he’s right, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Lots of people like Sullivan. I met him once while having drinks with young Ezra Klein. Seemed nice enough. His views are certainly a wee bit less repellent than they used to be, perhaps he’s laying off the minty-fresh testogrease a bit, though when I read his blog I react how I imagine people do when they read this blog: it’s kinda boring and he doesn’t write much. I at least have a comments section where occasionally a wise thing is said, and I’m the one who gets no respect! Still he occasionally finds time to weigh in on the “Are Black People Stupid?” question that he’s long been fond of.

As we get higher and higher on this list, I get more tired even as the wanking of the wankers becomes greater and greater. One could waste a lifetime writing about the wanking of Andrew Sullivan. I’m starting to worry I have.

As with most of Atrios’ writing, it’s worth your time to read the whole thing.

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CNN: Still Pretty Much Sucking

At the gym the other night, CNN was all the TVs and the remote control was missing.

Yeah, they still suck.

They’ve replaced Larry King, a doddering lecher drooling witlessly over starlets and celebutantes, with Piers Morgan, a gormless, aggressive simpleton spouting inanities and drooling over starlets and celebutantes.

Right after that, they breathlessly reported – again – the death of Amy Winehouse. They can’t milk it the same way they did when they were all Michael Jackson all the time channel, but they’re doing their best. I know folks like Anderson Cooper, but he’s banal and dull, staring at the camera with his continual, slightly constipated expression.

Look, Fox sucks too (and for different reasons) but most of the time Fox offers what looks like news, as opposed to CNN’s pathetic parade celebrity worshippers. I yearn for a media that isn’t a mockery of journalism.

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White House Outfoxed.

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It’s not very often that I can give Kudos to the “main-stream media” but for this I must. The Obama administration, who has become increasing intolerant of criticism, tried to get Fox News excluded from the White House Press Pool. This after Mao admirer “communication czar” Anita Dunn, along with David Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel claimed that Fox News is not a “real’ news organization. Anita Dunn even went as far as saying on CNN that fox isn’t real news like CNN.

Read story on Fox news.

If I were a news organization I would be embarrassed about getting the approval of any administration official no matter who is President. Apparently they were a little embarrassed and when the White House tried to get Fox News blacklisted it was simply the bridge too far. The water got just too heavy to carry and the tank got too full of you know what for the mainstream media to stand it any longer. In a rare show of journalistic solidarity all members of the White House Press Pool told the most thin skinned administration since Nixon they will not interview any further Obama officials if they exclude Fox News.

Does this mean the mainstream media will begin to honestly cover the Obama administration? probably not but it’s a good start.

With Obama it’s if you can’t say anything nice you can’t say anything at all.

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Media Dinosaurs

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I would like to ask how many people at had ever heard of the ACORN scandal, or ACORN for that matter, till I brought it up? This shows just how pathetic the so called “mainstream” media has become. It is why they are dying Dinosaurs while alternative media such as Fox News, blogs, talk radio and the international press are flourishing. It’s sad when you get more news from the foreign press than the so called free press of the United States.

The Constitution specifically enumerates Freedom of the Press because they are supposed to be the watchdogs of the government, not its cheerleaders. So much of the press have allowed the government and private interests, including big business, to dictate what it prints. The press should be wildly critical and skeptical and hold all politicians, special interests, and business’ feet to the fire. That is why the founders wanted a free press because they knew the dangers of a government controlled press.

There was a time when reporters worked hard to investigate a story to get the scoop. Now they simply regurgitate the faxes and press releases from the very organizations they are covering. If the mainstream media did their jobs the two heroes that posed as pimp and prostitute wouldn’t have had to because ACORN would have been exposed long ago by eager reporters.

Media scrutiny keeps honest people honest and keeps dishonest people at bay, while lack of scrutiny allows corruption to flourish. Corruption is what turns a first world country into a third world country.

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Hows That Surge Workin’ For Ya Mr. Bush?

by hilageGeorge Bush Fucks America

Here’s a little recap you can send around to your Republican friends who are hearing what they want to hear from the media.

After five years, 4,000+ US dead , 40,000+ US casualties, and at least 500,000 Iraqi dead and countless wounded – not to mention several million displaced – the current situation is described below the fold. Each individual story is well known, and well documented, but the cumulative implication seems to have escaped the various experts and talking heads.

  1. The US cannot defend the Green Zone which holds the headquarters for both the US military and diplomatic efforts and the Iraqi government(such as it is).…
  1. The US has not secured the road from the airport to the Green Zone.

  1. Large sections of Baghdad are in the control of a the Mahdi army who are well armed and organize enemies of the US presence in Iraq.…
  1. The US cannot defend the Iraqi oil infrastructure on which the entire economic future of the country relies.…
  1. The US does not control the border between Iran and Iraq despite repeatedly claiming that Iran is smuggling weapons and soldiers into the country.…
  1. Neither the US nor the Iraqi government has any control whatsoever of the heavily populated and oil rich southern region of Iraq.…
  1. Sunni tribal leaders, armed in part by the US, control the sparsely populated western regions of the country but are not coherent political force.…
  1. Northern Iraq is controlled by the Kurds who are currently fighting a border war with Turkey. This region is almost entirely autonomous and is currently acting to take control of the oil region centered on Kirkuk.…
  1. Long delayed votes on Kirkuk and regional councils will either be suspended or result in the Kurds taking Kirkuk and Al Sadr’s people dominating the regional governments of much of the country. Kurdish incorporation of Kirkuk is stated by Turkey to be an automatic trigger for a Turkish invasion.…
  1. Most Iraqis lack water, electricity, hospitals, schools, jobs, and hope for a better future.…

After all the death, destruction, displacement, and human suffering these are the incontrovertible facts. I’ve used sources from all over the world, and poitical spectrum, because I hope to demonstrate that there is little debate about what is in fact going on. The only confusion, somehow, seems to be what it all means. Perhaps when things go this wrong, it is hard to escape the size of the catastrophe. The current fighting only underlines what has been clearly the case for several the years. The US is not only not winning, it has long since lost the capacity to control the course of events in Iraq. While there are a great many complexities in Iraq, the list above makes it quite clear that the US invasion is now a complete and utter failure.

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