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Why Do Red States Cost Us So Much More and Still Suck?

Blue States Pay For Red StatesMississippi: One of the “most Republican” states in the country.

Correlated to voting Republican is, White, rural, poorly educated and poorly informed. Republican-run states suck because Republicans can’t govern. And they become redder because the smart kids grow up and move away. Other successful people don’t just move out of red state trailer parks and buy houses, they leave the state too.

While Larrence Lessig diplomatically calls it the Lester Problem, he is talking about Republican primaries.

His Ted Talk is called: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim is the thesis of his book entitled Le$terland: The Corruption of Congress and How To End It. I would call it; Liberal Progressives Must Reclaim The Republic From Republicans.

Lets be honest. The most money coming from the fewest donors problem, is disproportionately, a Republican one. And Citizens United, which only made the problem MUCH worse, was the first unabashedly Republican Sponsored SCOTUS decision.

I’m not saying the problem does not affect Democrats. It does. But if “the other party” were LESS bad than Democrats by the same degree Democrats are less bad than Republicans, the problem would be solved.

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