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Republican Radicals Want to Impeach the President (still)

In his one-man show Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, Christopher Titus has a bit where he’s talking to a police officer.  The officer keeps saying things almost anyone else would find shocking but not Christopher Titus because he’s been there before (“We arrested your mother.” “And?”).   After three or four statements, the officer says, “she shot her husband.”  Titus responds, “That’s new.”

So, reading stories that Republicans want to impeach the president is pretty much the same.

Louis Gohmert wants to impeach President Obama.


He keeps saying so in public.


He thinks he’s got a reason.


He thinks it’s an impeachable offense if the US defaults on its debt.

That’s new.

When asked whether he would allow the government to default on its debt, Gohmert projected the responsibility for such circumstances onto Obama.

“No,” he said, “that would be an impeachable offense by the president.”

So, Gohmert’s position is that if he doesn’t vote on a deal to raise the debt ceiling and the US defaults, it’s the president’s fault.

Why does anyone take the Republican party seriously?


Sexual shaming and hazing at USU – now with extra felony charges!

From the Jan 2 09 Trib:

The week before Starks died, Sigma Nu members selected him and another student, 22-year-old Mackenzie Perry, as their top choices among the 16 young men who pledged last fall. At the time, Starks was staying at the fraternity, although he had a dorm room. At about 10 p.m. on Nov. 20, Sigma Nu member Christopher Ammon brought Starks and Perry to the Chi Omega sorority next door under the pretext of helping move furniture. The women took custody of the young men and sorority sister Whitney Miller, who had a liter bottle of vodka, drove Starks to the Logan home of fraternity brother Grant Barney at 181 W. 200 North.

Miller, who faces the most serious charges, told police fraternity members asked her to run the “capture.” Read the rest of this entry »

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