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How Screwed ARE Rupublicans? News You’ll Never Hear

You will never hear about this in the corporate controlled media because it not only a harbinger of the disaster that is about to befall the Republican Party, but evidence that couch-potato-nation is finally waking up to the fact that Republicans have been lying to our faces 100 percent of the time.

From DownWithTyranny

Voter Registration Reversals Killing California GOP In Their Own Strongholds

Between January 22 and May 19, over 400,000 new voters registered in California. 75% of them registered as Democrats. The news gets much worse for Republicans; almost all the rest registered as independents (Decline-to-State). The GOP picked up less than 1,500 of those new voters (3.6%). Nor was this all happening in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The fastest growing area of the state, the heavily Republican Inland Empire is trending away from Republicans as well. Riverside County is growing faster than any other part of the state but the GOP has lost close to 34,000 there since the last presidential election. read on…

UPDATE:Apparently however, Bush is WELL aware of this hot trend…Bush Veterans Affairs Department bans voter registration drives at veterans facilities.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe Nancy Pelosi is right…the Republicans would love nothing more than have us impeach Bush and Cheney.

Either way, I think Republicans are about to get what they deserve.



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