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Turkeys for the Needy – $175 ea.

This story on just made me sad. People showed up and waited in long lines for free turkeys at the Indian Walk-in Center at West Temple and 1300 South in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, many of them parked in the 7-11 parking, where it was clearly marked No Parking, and 7-11 had the cars towed.

I understand 7-11 needs its parking for its own customers and they were fully within their rights. But still. These are people who couldn’t afford to buy a turkey. And they end up having to pay a rip-off tow bill of $175. Even those who managed to get back to their cars before the tow truck left had to pay $80 to get their car off the truck. Those are some very expensive free turkeys.

I don’t know. Wasn’t there another way to handle the problem? It just seems so unfortunate for those people.

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