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New Yorker: State of Sarah Palin

Palin was elected governor just as the corruption scandal broke, and quickly took the opportunity to proclaim herself a reformer.

From The New Yorker




The oilman at the center of the corruption scandal, Bill Allen, had agreed to testify against Stevens. The two men had once shared ownership of a racehorse, and had counted themselves good friends. Allen, a former welder and oilfield superintendent who came to Alaska from Texas and built a billion-dollar oilfield-services company, Veco Corporation, liked to be around other powerful men. He liked them to need him, and he had already claimed under oath that he had bribed Stevens’s son, Ben, a former state senator with a reputation for profiteering from government contracts his father had a hand in.

We like Stevens because he knows what we want. What we care about is subsistence.” He replenished his snuff and said, “Stevens has been a great supporter of subsistence life style, economic development. He’s been in there so many years he deserves a chance to go at it one more term. But I don’t think anyone can condone corruption in Washington, D.C.” Olick thought about that awhile, and said, “I’m an old traditional guy that still believes in old traditional ways. But things change.” Back in Bethel, I met a dentist, a man who ran a janitorial-supplies service, and a man who ran a fuel service. I asked them how they thought Bethel and the villages it supported would fare without Ted Stevens in the Senate, in a time without earmarks. The dentist said, “We’re fucked,” and the janitorial-supplies man said, “There will be ghost towns.” The fuel-oil man pointed to a hard black, jagged, wedge-shaped object on his desk, and asked if I knew what kind of tooth it was. “Mastodon,” he said


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