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Obama Girl, Tori Spelling and My Niece

So I’m on the family annual back East. Its cocktail hour and my barley-twenty-year-old-niece is brain-rotting; watching some show on Oxygen about Tori Spelling.

I’m in the midst of giving her the customary merciless shit (because I love her and its for her own good) and Obama Girl pops up on the tube doing some hair-care commercial.

“That’s Obama Girl!” I exclaimed seizing on the opportunity to turn the conversation back toward politics and how bad Republicans suck and about the Mark Sanford hiking story is bullshit.

“That’s how you get some. She worked for it. Spelling had it handed to her.”

“Who’s Obama girl?”, asked my barley-twenty-year-old-niece claims she voted in the last election because she knows the consequences of a negative response from her psycho activists Uncle.

“Obama Girl?  You don’t know who Obama Girl is?” I said.

So I showed her Obama Girls first video. She didn’t like it or get it.

Anyway, I watched this one for the second time ever. It was MUCH funnier this time.

How could a twenty-year old vote for Obama and not know who Obama girls is?


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