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Immigration: The Vulnerable and the Powerful

On January 24, 2012 United States President, Barack Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address to the United States Congress. During his address, President Obama shared his perspective regarding the status of the nation and described his legislative agenda for the coming year. President Obama’s 2012 address is especially interesting as this speech is delivered in an election year in the midst of competitive Republican presidential primaries. In his State of the Union address, Obama gloated that throughout his tenure he has “put more boots on the ground than ever before,” in support of enforcement strategies along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Congruently, Republican presidential candidates have also pledged to focus on border enforcement in order to reduce the flow of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border. Restrictive positions on immigration have support from political leaders across various ideologies. This support results in self-defeating policies that have negative effects for citizens on both sides of the border. In order to comprehend the extent to which restrictive immigration policies are counterproductive for American citizens it is critical to analyze what fuels migration into the United States, why numbers of immigrants in the U.S. has risen and we must consider the existence of alternative solutions to the immigration issue.

In a globalized environment where individuals are increasingly mobile it is logical to comprehend what motivates individuals to migrate by taking a look at what motivates you or your friends or family to move across the city, state or country. Similarly as individuals change locations within countries due to economic developments, so do individuals choose to relocate across borders due to economic developments. According to Thomas J. Espenshade in Unauthorized Immigration to the United States,

“International migration is driven by regional imbalances in the supply and demand for labor. These imbalances promote low wages in countries where labor is plentiful relative to the amount of capital, and higher wages where labor is the scarcer factor of production.” (p. 204).

As a result of this, most migrants by doing a simple cost/benefit analysis will come to understand that it is in their benefit to relocate from their low wage location to a higher wage location. Therefore until there is equality in compensation for work globally, migration will always exist.

The global wage differential also creates a demand for low-skilled or low-wage workers within countries that receive high migrant flows. For example, the United States, a capitalist economy, possesses a habitual requirement for foreign workers as a result of the instability of the free-market. Espenshade notes:

“Because the cost of underutilizing capital equipment falls on businesses whereas the cost of laying off workers falls on workers themselves, owners of capital have a natural incentive to deploy capital to meet the most stable portions of demand and to use labor to satisfy the more unpredictable portions (Massey et al 1993). “ (p. 204)

Espenshade is theorizing under a dual labor market theory that for American workers to avoid such instability and economic deprivation, the workers tend to seek more stable and high skilled employment thus leaving a chasm for workers in industries that must be filled to maintain production at low costs.

Another factor behind migration from Mexico into the U.S. is weak markets for credit and insurance in Mexico. Douglas S. Massey notes in his article, International Migration in a Globalizing Economy

“…they seek to use international migration as a means of overcoming market failures that threaten their material interests at home by moving abroad temporarily.” (p. 47).

Massey is explaining that developing and underdeveloped economies currently possess weak markets that do not give individuals the needed safe-guards to protect themselves in the case of catastrophe or to even satisfy their daily human needs. Massey goes onto to explain,

“Without access to unemployment insurance, households self-insure by sending one or more members overseas to work. By allocating one family member to foreign-wage labor, a household can guarantee an income stream during times of economic recession at home” (p. 47-48).

Similarly, as citizens in America purchase insurance policies or make investments to ensure their security. Mexicans respond to the American market’s demand for low-wage labor by sending family members to the United States as a security measure, designed to meet daily consumption needs and to protect themselves against potential disaster.

The above are merely a few justifications for legally migrating into the U.S. from Mexico. What is the justification for migrating illegally that causes U.S. political leaders to vociferously boast and demand intense border enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border? The simple answer is: restrictive border policies. According to Massey,

“Despite all the public rhetoric about immigrant invasions and floods, the rate of illegal migration into the U.S. has not changed in 20 years. The only thing that has changed has been the rate of out-migration.” (p. 47).

Therefore, it is apparent that what keeps unauthorized Mexican migrants within U.S. borders is, the very solution crafted to keep them out: border enforcement. Prior to heightened border security, which was implemented along with amnesty as a result of Reagan’s Immigration Reform and Control Act (“IRCA”), migration was circular. Mexican migrants that were unable to attain their objectives within the United States across all of American history would simply return home.

“Whereas the net undocumented migration ran at around 180,000 per year prior to the border buildup, it is currently estimated to be around 368,000 per year,” (Massey p. 47).

Evidently the heightened state of illegal immigrants that reside in the United States that is a cause of concern to our President and presidential contenders, is not the result of an invasion or threats to American security, it is merely the result of militaristic border enforcement that does not allow migrants to follow magnetic economic flows or to return home in the absence of those flows.

Ultimately the immigration debate continues because the topic has become a political commodity in the United States. Those affected most by the flawed policies are unable to cast votes, and those who are most concerned about the policies appear to be stimulated by false information. As Payne and Nassar note in Politics and Culture in the Developing World, “Globalization stimulates migration in many ways. By intensifying economic competition, globalization is seen as creating a ‘race to the bottom,’” (p. 335). The sooner United States citizens recognize this global conundrum the sooner we can create plausible solutions to the perceived immigration dilemma.

Moreover, the solutions that have been offered by researchers are potential answers to America’s deficit difficulties without compromising domestic job opportunities for citizens of the United States. “American’s billions spent on border enforcement have effectively doubled the rate of undocumented population growth within the U.S.” (Massey 47). Until American citizens recognize the self-defeating nature and ineffectiveness of enforcement only policies along the U.S.-Mexico border, solutions to the current unfavorable immigration system will continue to benefit American politicians to the detriment of American and Mexican citizens.

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Obama’s Justice Dept Flooded Mexico with Weapons in “OPERATION GUNRUNNER”. Scandal Ready to Explode.

The Department of Justice under Eric Holder and the ATF flooded Mexico with assault weapons in a secret project called “Operation Gunrunner” as well as an offshoot operation called “Fast and Furious“. This program was an ill fated attempt to track the weapons but they got out of control and fell into the hands of drug cartels. Many of these weapons are now being used against border control and anti drug agents. This scandal will go full broil when the Dept of Justice explains themselves in upcoming Congressional hearings. DOJ AND ATF HAVE KNOWINGLY FLOODED MEXICO WITH ASSAULT WEAPONS. It is also reported that Eric Holder is attempting to block the investigation into this matter.

All major news media are now reporting this story. This is real it is not from any right-wing conspiracy blogs but now reported by the main-stream media.

Form NPR

Earlier this month, documents revealed by Congressional investigators showed that under the Gunrunner operation the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives let high-powered weapons cross the U.S./Mexico border. The sting was supposed to trace weapons and lead to the prosecution of illegal drug sellers, but, as The Los Angeles Times reported, “three guns sold to suspects who were part of Project Gunrunner have since turned up at the scenes of the deaths of two U.S. agents — in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi and near the Mexican border in Arizona.”

ATF arms linked to attempted shoot down of helicopter.

In this non-embeddable Youtube Video Obama denies neither he nor Eric Holder authorized or even knew about the these operations. Obama was speaking to Univision but Obama’s denial is not credible. Either Obama and Eric Holder knew about it and did nothing or actually authorized it or they are completely incompetent.

DEA finds stash of weapons supplied by the ATF.



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The Internet. The Present and Future of Politics

Nixon, Kennedy, JFK, 1960 Presidential Election, Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Presidential debate 1960It was 1960 during the Presidential election between Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy. The polls were running neck and neck and there was no clear-cut winner until one event that changed politics forever.

It was the first ever televised presidential debate.  It was not so much the substance of the debate that had such a profound impact, but rather how each of them appeared on the new medium of television.

On one side you had Richard M. Nixon the sitting Vice President who sported a slight five o’clock shadow which, against the black and white picture, made him appear brooding. Along side was a young and photogenic JFK that the camera took too immediately. This event catapulted then Senator Kennedy into the White House and into history.

John Mccain, Barack Obama, Presidential election 2008Fast forward to the 2008 Presidential Election, again we had cross generational candidates. Both Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama were very adept at television so there was no real advantage there like in 1960, but what made the difference for Barack Obama was just as profound if not more than television was for Nixon and Kennedy. It was the internet, and it made all the difference in the world to who now occupies the White House.

Obama’s campaign took a page out of Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign and built up an army of supporters by using social networks, blogs, and websites to raise millions from small donations solicited on the Internet.

The Republican Party must learn from this and meet the Democrats internet advantage head on. The internet is the future of politics and the party that uses it most effectively will be the ones who raise the most money and win elections.

Right now we, as Republicans, are the scruffy faced Richard Nixon and the Democrats are the JFK. It need not be that way. Conservatives and Republicans dominated the Internet till around 2006. We can take it back, and must get it back to stop Barack Obama from making this country no longer the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Reposted from a blog article I wrote on the Emery County Republican Party website.

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Disrespect of President by Fox News’ Brett Baier, Felt Racist

Fox disgusts me. Obama should have walked out. His adept handling of Baier reflected a lifetime of experience dealing with White folks who can’t muster an ounce of respect for a Black man of superior intelligence and authority.

Fox News’ Bret Baier interrupted President Obama so many times during Wednesday’s interview that Newsweek described the encounter as a “interrupt-a-thon.” – Huffington Post

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I remember eight long years of listening to Hannity, O’Reilly et. al. tell us how unpatriotic is to show disrespect for the President of the United States.

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Obama demeans himself and the office of the President by using the term “tea-bag”

The President of the United States demeaned himself and the office of the Presidency by using an extremely offensive term (tea-bag) ,referring to a lude sex act, to describe his critics.

From the New York Times Blog Prescriptions:

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

I’m sure oneutah readers are well aware of this term and it’s intended meaning towards the tea party movement.

It’s one thing for low lives like Janeane Garofalo to use this vile term but for the President to use it shows he too has no class.

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White House Outfoxed.

Fox News, media, White House Press Pool, enemies list, Obama, Ken Bingham,

It’s not very often that I can give Kudos to the “main-stream media” but for this I must. The Obama administration, who has become increasing intolerant of criticism, tried to get Fox News excluded from the White House Press Pool. This after Mao admirer “communication czar” Anita Dunn, along with David Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel claimed that Fox News is not a “real’ news organization. Anita Dunn even went as far as saying on CNN that fox isn’t real news like CNN.

Read story on Fox news.

If I were a news organization I would be embarrassed about getting the approval of any administration official no matter who is President. Apparently they were a little embarrassed and when the White House tried to get Fox News blacklisted it was simply the bridge too far. The water got just too heavy to carry and the tank got too full of you know what for the mainstream media to stand it any longer. In a rare show of journalistic solidarity all members of the White House Press Pool told the most thin skinned administration since Nixon they will not interview any further Obama officials if they exclude Fox News.

Does this mean the mainstream media will begin to honestly cover the Obama administration? probably not but it’s a good start.

With Obama it’s if you can’t say anything nice you can’t say anything at all.

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Love Him or Hate Him, Glenn Beck is the Most Powerful Man in the USA.

glenn beck, ken bingham,, Obama, Harry Reid, Pelosi, white horse, Mormon prophecy, hanging by a thread, constitution

Whether you love Glenn Beck or hate him there is no denying he has become the most powerful man in America. Glenn Beck has achieved what few ever do and that is to become the leader of a movement. A feat even politicians rarely achieve. What makes Glenn Beck so powerful is he has not just become a soundboard for conservatism but has activated one the most difficult constituencies to motivate and that is average Americans who mainly just live their lives working, and raising families.

The White House have obviously become distressed over the emergence of Glenn Beck, particularly over the President’s czars. Obama tried to do an end run over the Constitution by appointing special advisers that do not require Senate Approval. These advisers have received unprecedented power that is usually reserved for cabinet members. This has allowed Obama to bring the most extreme elements of our society into the White House unnoticed. How wrong they were. They did not realize Glenn Beck was waiting in the wings and, along with bloggers, do the vetting process that the administration, congress and even the “main-stream media” have refused to do.

We have already seen one czar, Van Jones, who was forced to resign after it was discovered he signed a petition in a “911 Truther” website, and other czars are now under intense pressure. Instead of sliding through unnoticed they have become the proverbial sore thumb. So much so that they are attempting to marginalize Fox News and Glenn Beck using the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” play book. The problem is liberal tactics have now become predictable because as George C Scott said in the movie Patton “Rommel you magnificent bastard, I read your book”.

No matter how hard they try to kick Fox News they are only kicking it upstairs, since the attacks on Fox News have only increased Fox’s and Beck’s ratings. The group co-founded by Van Jones ColorOfChange thought they had hit a home-run against Beck by getting some sponsors to stop advertising on his show but instead Beck is now the hottest thing on cable and ColorOfChange lost their guy in the White House. Something Mao admirer Anita Dunn should take note of. Memo to ColorOfChange, remember ACORN.

The administration is trying to make the case that this is all being orchestrated by the Republican Party and Fox News is doing their bidding. Frankly, I wouldn’t give the GOP that much credit.

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In his EVIL lair of satanic EVILness

ObamaCat EVILy plots EVIL plots to EVILy send your grannies to EVIL death.

ObamaCat EVILy plots EVIL plots to EVILy send your grannies to EVIL death.

This WaPo op-ed is good too.

Oh, and I’m back.



Cautiously optimistic

Rachel Maddow tonight told us that last October only 17 percent of us thought the country was on the right track. Now, after about 100 days of the Obama administration, 48 percent of us think the country is on the right track. In fact, Rachel says, for the first time in five years that number is higher than the number who don’t think we’re on the right track.

I think despite all the naysaying from the Right, Americans like what Obama is doing to solve some really tough problems. I suspect this is a tenuous optimism, and like the stock market could be subject to some ups and downs as each month brings new challenges. There’s still a tough road ahead of us in this economy, in the wars, and in the political battles that are brewing.




Picturing Obama


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Breaking: Salazar Vindicates Tim DeChristopher. Press Conf Today!

Breaking: Interior Secretary Salazar to invalidate BUSH/BLM oil & gas leases auctioned on Decmber19th

I am directing my efforts to building Peaceful Uprising to encourage, train, support and defend those who will take nonviolent direct action to defend our future. – Tim, 2.4.2009

Tim DeChristopher will hold a press conference at 4pm today at the east side of the Utah State Capitol.   That’s today Feb 4, 2009

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The Organizer in Chief

Interesting article from the City Journal of the Manhatten Institute (oh yeah…”right wing crazies” at the MI).


“Obama’s nomination will be celebrated as a first for African-Americans. But the racial symbolism may obscure the importance of his presidential run to the tens of thousands of government-funded community groups that stand to benefit from an Obama agenda that’s right out of the 1960s.”




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